Apple caution that criticism of the MacBook Pro coming from your own fans can be very serious


Something is wrong with Apple, a company that until now had been safe from internal criticism: users and fans of the brand not used to have a bad opinion of any signature moves, but everything has changed with the MacBook Pro.

The new high-end laptops have brought the Touch Bar as the main innovation, but many users complain that it has been much more what Apple has taken away than what it has given them. Goodbye to traditional USB ports, MagSafe goodbye, goodbye to the SD slots … Apple has become a company that makes dongles they say some – and oddly also manufactures smartphones and computers.

This MacBook Pro has little Pro

The renewal of Apple laptops was one of the most anticipated of recent times, especially because it had been a long time that Apple did not give a little affection to their teams. The thing not only disappointed by what was presented, but so did not show: there were no developments in other teams like the iMac or a Mac Pro that seem especially doomed to oblivion by the Cupertino company.

Criticism of the MacBook Pro does not hide the fact that Apple has managed to offer features traditionally outstanding in these computers, such as those that affect its construction or its screen. However these new dimensions have also forced decisions which some consider questionable, as the new keyboard with a new iteration of Butterfly mechanism that debuted in the MacBook or the failure to include some ports that were very helpful for professionals and general users.

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That has probably been the most critical of these teams. Beyond not to include micros Kaby Lake – Intel still has not prepared that Apple would need for these equipment- or not to have more than 16 GB of RAM -to save battery, indicate those responsible for the company-, the problem of these it was that teams were not “pro” that many professionals had expected.

Not only for these two limitations, but by the fact that suddenly one would have to use the computer quite a lot of dongles to connect your external devices. Not to mention the fact that, despite the potential of the Touch Bar, it will not be easy to use in professional workflows where these devices connect to several external monitors. In fact the traditional user who closes the computer to use it connected to an external monitor, keyboard and mouse will also lose the option to use that element.

Schiller says one thing, the other sales

This unique situation, unknown to Apple, is joined by other factors. Phil Schiller, one of the top executives of Apple, recently boasted of how the new MacBook Pro have been the quietest of the entire history of Apple professional machines. Never before had so many people already paid their unit of this computer before its launch.

If that is so, if indeed Apple will sell these teams better than ever, why they make the decision of temporarily lowering the price of various dongles and also the new LG Ultrafine monitors with resolutions 4K and 5K?

This type of action is unprecedented in Apple , which probably has had to make this decision in the high number of criticisms and negative comments about the absence of traditional ports and that total and sudden break with what had been until now the MacBook Pro.

We complain that Apple does not innovate, but when it does we put it to broth

Those who defend this argument makes clear the irony: we complain that Apple does not innovate, but when it does put it to broth . The argument is as valid as those who hold the criticism, and while for many Apple simply follows its philosophy in that break with the past – and did so with the floppy drive or DVD drive, for example – for others the transition has been Too drastic.

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In fact, some remember, the situation reminds us of the one that caused Lenovo to spend an exemplary joke on Apple in 2008. That was the year of the launch of the prodigious MacBook Air, and in that presentation Steve Jobs left us all astonished to take the Equipment of a postal envelope that made clear the thinness of the equipment. That could be seen in another way, which is what Lenovo did:

What Lenovo pointed in that video very bad baba is the same as many criticize today, but one thing is certain: Apple happened to be right with the design of the MacBook Air, which became a reference and inspiration absolute for other manufacturers Adapted those lines or directly copied them later. Not only that: others also followed the wake of Cupertino by removing themes such as DVD drive or connectors that limited design like the famous Ethernet.

Will the same happen with the new MacBook Pro? It could be, but it is clear that Apple has once again raised the change too radical even for those who are fans and classic users of this platform.

Some also lament other decisions, such as the fact that MacBook Air apparently abandoned forever. Suddenly users do not have many intermediate steps: or choose a MacBook, MacBook Pro or choose a “basic”. The renewal of the MacBook Air would have added that third option for those who continued to value the “old” Apple laptops, and would have given the option of a somewhat smoother transition.

To all this the fact that prices of new equipment are high and adds not included in any case some kind of adapter or dongle for example facilitate the conversion USB to USB-C, which curiously did do with the iPhone 7 and removing the headphone port. Why on the iPhone yes there is adapter, and on MacBook Pro does not?

Too many unanswered questions. Too many doubts. And above all, too much criticism. And not traditional haters , no. That the MacBook Pro is frowned upon by those who so far loved Apple without reservations is worrying. We’ll see who was right, whether Apple or its users.