Computers all-in-one one with another hinge Surface Book is what it sounds strongly in the universe Surface

Computers all in one

Microsoft is a powerful company in hardware, more and more, but we cannot say that everything he has done has gone well, especially in the mobile market. On the positive side, we can say that the Redmond company deserves a medal with the evolution of Surface in the last two years, becoming more and more interesting and capable products.

You will be with me that everything that has to do with updating the Surface family, or make it bigger; it is a source of news. Specialists in the field of Windows Central bring us juicy information concerning the renewal of Surface Book, besides putting on the table the creation of computers all-in-one under the Microsoft brand.

The Surface Book was released last year and far from being designed with design conditions or commitments; they surprised us with a very impressive laptop, both specifications and looks, a combo for which you have to pay a high price. But there were things that not everyone liked, and has all the earmarks of that will change.

Computers all in one
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That hinge Surface

It is a special design element that gives personality to the Surface Book and incidentally is the link between screen and keyboard, but also a quite striking spot on the team, for better or worse. Many of us would have liked something more moderate.

For the next Surface Book everything points to a more like a traditional laptop design, so you lose some identity, but you could also win in decreased thickness. It also would improve in clean lines, that element is an ideal place to gather dust.

The pace set by Intel

Obviously a renewal would not be logical if the Intel processors not catch up. Here we talk of using the new Lake Kaby, which by the way are not put into production until late 2016. That family Intel has native support for USB 3.1 in its second generation, and a new graphics architecture that improves performance 3D and 4K. Yes, this last point is very important if you want to enter are screens with that resolution.

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Computers all-in-one Surface

For it is the most amazing part of the battery of rumors, and to renew equipment is always great, but create new things, opens the door to potential buyers, especially if we talk about something as common as a desktop computer.

Microsoft was thinking in three sizes: 21, 24 and 27 inches, with the last two panels using 4K. Another thing is that everyone will come to light, but what counts is being developed internally, even you think about larger sizes.

One thing we must be clear that there are new gadgets in the laboratories of Redmond do not mean that is going to turn into something real, but on our part would be welcome, I’m sure the elegance and power of the Surface line would marry well on a monitor with hardware.

No, there is absolutely nothing on a Surface phone.