Surface Pro

Surface Pro: More powerful, more efficient and with total bet by the stylus

The Surface family grows. After the presentation of the Surface Laptop comes the launch of the new Surface Pro, which now forget the numbers (no Surface Pro 5) and without touching just the outside touch the interior and a very special peripheral, the stylus or Pencil that has been improved noticeably.

That is the big bet of a Microsoft that wants to remain a reference in these convertible tablets in which the experience and writing is almost as important as the keyboard and touchpad. Continue Reading


Sony has created a gigantic electronic ink tablet that is not only large in size, but also in price

The notebook of the future? As Sony continues to raise that idea for some years, when he presented us in 2013 his idea of how we will use documents in a single device to forget the role. Sony is no stranger to electronic ink readers, there is the case of Sony Reader or DPT-S1, which were discontinued in 2014. But apparently Sony does not give up and today introduces us a new, and curious, devices, which, now, it wants to be the notebook of the future.

The new DPT-S1, which is an upgrade of the DPT-S1, is presented as a huge 13.3-inch tablet, where its strength is that it integrates a panel of electronic ink compatible with stylus. Here we can from storing PDFs to writing and making notes. Continue Reading

LG Watch Sport

LG Watch Sport and Style, first impressions with one you forget you carry it, with the other you remember your superiority

We knew about them and the new version of the system not long ago, in a timid announcement by Google and LG, and the MWC 2017 has been the opportunity to get closer to try them out. After a LG G6 that starred the stand and accompanied them, we were able to try them and have our first impressions of the LG Watch Sport and Style.

The challenge this time is somewhat greater, since after knowing that we would not see new watches of various brands with Android Wear in 2016 expected both new models and a new version of the system with many additions. Confirming some rumors, Google finally released system with the watches and in the MWC; we could try Android Wear 2.0 with the new LG watches. Continue Reading


Amazon Echo and Google Home want to replace the fixed home phone with VoIP calls

Are you still using the landline? Chances are, but the truth is that more and more users have these devices almost at home. Mobile phones have also conquered the home, but other solutions now attack the relevance of lifelong telephones.

This is Google Home and Amazon Echo, which according to the Wall Street Journal will pose short-term support for making voice calls directly. The option would turn these “connected speakers” into an interesting alternative to the fixed-line phone of a lifetime, which would once again be displaced by new technologies. Continue Reading

Corsair Scimitar

Corsair Scimitar is the mouse for the MMO: 12 programmable buttons and RGB illumination

It is called Scimitar RGB and Corsair says this is his best mouse for MMO games, while the most striking in its catalog. For those who are lost we talk about multiplayer video games that have a massive audience

Designed for right – handed, the Scimitar is the first mouse to introduce a sliding side panel in which there is room for 12 programmable buttons – are mechanical keys -. You can move forward or back about 8 millimeters to fit the way each player uses the mouse. Continue Reading


Lenovo quits smartwatches indefinitely, we will not see a new Moto 360 soon

In previous months was announced that some of the firms that initially adopted Android Wear, which include Huawei, LG and Motorola, would choose not to launch new wearable devices this year due to low impact their previous bets were on the market.

Focusing on Motorola, the second – generation Moto 360 arrived a year ago to improve, or at least try to improve, outstanding details of its first smartwatch, now under the guidance of the Chinese giant Lenovo. However, despite the good comments generated on design and aesthetics, apparently division wearables not finished convince its work. Continue Reading

HP Z2 Mini

Workstations can also be small: The new HP Z2 Mini proves it

It seems that the segment of designers and creative is more fashionable than ever again, because after the presentation of products from other companies is now HP, which sets out to conquer new, land in which sees no enough options.

The gap to cover now has a new opportunity as managers of the company, presenting the HP Z2 Mini, a compact workstation featuring the latest Intel Xeon processors and NVIDIA graphics professionals.

HP Z2 Mini, a compact and quiet workstation

According to the company, this equipment is destined to “the creators of our future”. The creative and engineering sector has unmet needs according to internal studies HP: there are 5 million designers who are targets of this type of equipment, and only 42% use workstations: almost 3 million of them do not have a team tailored to your needs. Continue Reading


This USB device performs HIV testing in less than 30 minutes

Today perform an HIV test represents at least two days of waiting, that when the laboratory is located in the same place where the decision was made sample. But if this is not the case, the delivery of results can last up to a week, something that happens especially in remote regions of our planet, which is where you need to act immediately.

Fortunately this could change in the coming months thanks to a joint development between Imperial College London and the company DNA Electronics, which consists of a small device that is capable of detecting HIV levels in the bloodstream. Continue Reading


This was the first USB memory of history

We are now so used to it that it is not uncommon to have a few scattered some drawer of our desk, but there was a day when USB flash drives revolutionized the way we were carrying data , becoming one of the key technologies to end with the reign of floppy disks.

USB flash drives, also known as USB sticks, had some key advantages over its rivals. On the one hand, they were immune to electromagnetic interference affecting diskettes, and the other is not scraped it with the scratches as they passed CDs. In addition, while the classic 3.5 – inch diskettes had just 1.44MB memory, USB first launched with capacities of 8 MB.

In 2005, five years after the launch of the first USB memories computers they were still using floppy drives. However, gradually, all the advantages that were offering USB flash drives and CD drives or DVDs eventually banishing forever, and eventually disks also started to weaken versus the comfort of USBs. Continue Reading