How to fix imac won’t turn on?

imac won't turn on

MacBook is the Mac laptop and has several versions MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook rarely during the life of the MacBook can cause some problem and one of the most serious is that it does not start. In the event that the imac won’t turn on, you must follow the following steps before taking it to an official workshop to help you fix it.

Why imac won’t turn on?

imac won't turn on


Check that the power adapter is connected to the MacBook and to an electrical outlet. Use only the 60W MagSafe power adapter supplied with your MacBook Pro.

If the power adapter stops charging the battery and the MagSafe connector light does not come on when connecting the power cord, unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet and plug it in again, or try plugging it into another outlet current.

If the previous two steps did not start the MacBook, check if the battery needs to be recharged. Press the small button on the left side of the computer. You will see one to eight indicator lights showing the charge level. If only one indicator is lit, plug in the power adapter to charge the MacBook’s battery to get it to start.
If the startup problem persists, close all open documents and exit all applications. Return the computer to the initial state or factory state (but keeping its files) by pressing the left Shift key, the left key (alt), the left control key, and the power button (0) simultaneously for five seconds until the restart the MacBook computer.
If you recently installed additional memory, make sure that it has been installed correctly and that it is compatible with your computer. Check if the computer boots after removing the installed memory and reinstalling the old one

Press the power button (®) and immediately then hold down the Command (x), Option, P and R keys simultaneously until you hear the start-up sound a second time to reset the Parameter RAM (PRAM).

If you still can’t start your MacBook, see “More information, service, and support where I buy my MacBook.
Take the time to do each of these steps and try to start up your MacBook.If your screen goes black or your MacBook Pro freezes, try restarting your MacBook.hope, you have solved imac won’t turn on issue.