Why are Nintendo Switch Games so expensive

why are nintendo switch games so expensive

Nintendo has been able to build an empire throughout its years that allows it to control its prices so well, that no matter that as the years go by, prices remain in force in the market, so you end up paying the same price as when the game is released a year or two earlier. But in principle, that does not make sense. They are not like the games on the Play or the Xbox that as time passes, their video games and their franchises lose value. What makes Nintendo so special that it allows this? Why are Nintendo switch games so expensive? Read the article to know the answer.

Why are Nintendo switch games so expensive?

why are nintendo switch games so expensive


Like other platforms or consoles that are owned by most studios in the world dedicated to creating video games, Nintendo has always had a more limited quota compared to its competitors, which has created the need for the company to establish strategies that allow the company to continue competing.

The most important strategy carried out by Nintendo has been to establish its video games as exclusive to its consoles, so you will never see that you can natively play its video games on a PC, for example, and if you get the game online, the only way to reproduce it will be using the console that they have created for that particular game.

This leads us to understand that Nintendo games are always in demand in the market. Their price only decreases until the company decides to bring a new generation to the market, so the previous one loses interest. Consequently, players’ lower demand wants to have old games as the new console is coming with new games and new technical features.

This Nintendo can keep its prices stable since the demand for games is constant because its games cannot be played on other platforms and their prices only go down when Nintendo makes the jump to the next generation.

What is the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console developed by Nintendo and launched on the market in 2017. Since then, more and more young people and children have chosen it to entertain themselves, but it is also the adults who are passionate about video games to choose it. It is a valid alternative to the classic consoles that allows us to play wherever we want and even in company. We can use it at home, away from home but also by connecting it to the TV it is, therefore, a much more versatile tool than other consoles that work instead only by connecting them to TVs. Nintendo then made available to us the possibility of customizing it by choosing small permissible changes such as the choice of controllers. We find the controllers available in different colors.

Why choose Nintendo?

The choice to buy a console like Nintendo must be made thinking about your needs. Considering that today we also find the most popular games, you will not have restrictions from that point of view. It is a product suitable for those who need a console to take with them. Many online games allow you to play even with users who have different consoles, so unless particular games are only available on other types of platforms, the advice is to choose the Nintendo Switch. Simple, versatile, fun and comfortable.

The main variant that defines the cost is certainly the chosen model. As you will discover in the next paragraphs, there is a considerable price difference between them. So if you are considering purchasing this product, consider what type of product you want to buy.

How much does the Nintendo Switch cost?

The list price of the Nintendo switch is 369.99 dollars. This is the full-featured console. We find not only the portable mode but also the table mode and the TV mode. We find it compatible with all Nintendo Switch software without exception. We are equipped with two controllers called Joy-Con that we can use both attached to the console and separated from it. They are removable and detachable. This allows us to change them as well as we like. We then find the base for Nintendo Switch, thanks to which we can connect our console to our TV. It has a 6.3-inch screen and a weight of about 297 grams. The battery has a variable duration from 4 to 9 hours, also depending on the type of game we want to use.

The second model of Nintendo Switch we meet is called Nintendo Switch Lite. Its list cost is 219.99 dollars. We find it available in different shades of monotonous color. It is designed for those who only want to take advantage of the portable game mode. Unlike the previous one, it cannot be used in TV or Table mode and is not compatible with all Nintendo Switch software. It has no controller because it is a single block. They are, in fact, integrated. Its screen is 5.5 inches and weighs around 275 grams. The battery has a variable duration between 3 and 7 hours, depending on the game we are using.