The Best Hoverboards 2019

While this is good for smooth surfaces, hoverboard users may find that these smaller wheels will spin idly when they come off the ground on an uneven surface (like many of Britain’s pavements) and when the wheel regains contact with the ground, yes will move forward

This means that hoverboard users have to pedal slowly on uneven surfaces, even at walking pace, to make sure they remain balanced and safe.

There are other wheel sizes available, namely 8 inches and 10 inches.

However, AirWheel has a much larger wheel, with dimensions of around 11.6-14 inches, which should easily handle uneven surfaces, especially when compared to its counterpart.

FLY Plus hoverboard

The FLY Plus hoverboard available on hoverboards.co.uk is one of a new range of hoverboards now available in the UK that will not explode like those when the hoverboard hype peaked in 2015.


In terms of design, FLY Plus is one of the most attractive of all the hoverboards we’ve seen.

In terms of size, the FLY Plus measures 21.6 in x 7.3 in x 7.0 in with 6.5-inch wheels and a weight of 12 kg.

The most important question is, how does it work?

The wheels under the bonnet are powered by two 350 W Silent Drive motors, offering an almost * silent * experience.

These twin units provide a maximum speed of 12 km / h, or about 7 miles per hour, with about two hours of use before topping up is necessary.

If that’s not enough for you, the FLY Plus also offers a built-in Bluetooth speaker.

Xiaomi Ninebot Plus

Xiaomi’s Ninebot Plus is a bit different from the other hoverboards in our mopping, and with two 400W engines, it is rather the beast.

As with the others, here you bend forward and backward to push the device, reverse and to stop it, but to turn the corners you bend the “stick” mounted in the center with your knees.

At that point the Ninebot Plus feels much more stable than most hoverboards – partly due to having something extra to hold on to, and partly due to a pair of large 11 “non-slip tires that do a great job fitting small curbs and basing

The Ninebot Plus is able to handle wet surfaces, thanks to special grooves in the tires and a waterproof battery cover (IPX6).

This stick also has another function that allows you to mount a video camera (not supplied) on the Ninebot.

The other thing that distinguishes Ninebot Plus from other hoverboards is its remote control, which connects to Bluetooth with an operating range of about 20m.

The Ninebot Plus also works with the Ninebot app for mobile devices, which allows you to turn off the automatic lighthouse otherwise automatic, change the color of the reversing lights / brake, see how fast you are going and how much battery remains.

When used at maximum speed, the total mileage will obviously be reduced, but Xiaomi says it will arrive between 20 and 35 km from the 18650mAh battery, with the weight of the cyclist also affecting things here.

Overall, Ninebot Plus offers a huge amount of fun.

The Ninebot Plus comes from Xiaomi, a well-known Chinese brand that we trust.

Hovertrax 2.0 shaver

The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is apparently UL listed and is listed for electrical safety, exceeding all required EU safety / certification requirements, which should provide peace of mind to potential buyers.

In terms of functionality, it does everything you’d expect from a hoverboard: it has pressure-sensitive plates to control it and a built-in gyroscope to help you stand up, rubber tires and, of course, some LEDs for

Classic Bluefin hoverboard

If Hovertrax 2.0 is a little expensive for you, Amazon also offers the Bluefin Classic self-balancing scooter.

Like the other hoverboard listed on Amazon, the Bluefin Classic is also UL and CE approved, with a Samsung battery with a protection circuit.


While this is not technically a hoverboard, it is a really interesting accessory for those who already own one or are looking to invest one.

HoverKart connects to the standard 6.5 hoverboard and turns it into a makeshift go-kart, providing extra functionality and a safer way to drive the hoverboard.

Ninebot Mini Pro

The Ninebot Mini Pro is an exciting choice for those looking to buy a hoverboard in 2017, as it provides users with a slightly different way of controlling the scale.

While still using their feet to control movement, users have a new steering wheel controlled by knees that looks natural and intuitive.

It’s also quite portable, with a weight of 12.8 kg, only slightly heavier than the hoverboards that everyone used in 2015.

Swegway Pro

Swegway Pro seems to offer something interesting for potential hoverboard owners: an 8-inch hoverboard with integrated Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to connect their smartphones to the hoverboard and play music while using the card, thanks to the built-in speakers.

Unlike other hoverboards, Swegway Pro also offers two training and professional use guidance modes, which allow you to get used to the board before using all its power.

It recharges in just 60 minutes and should provide up to four hours of continuous use with a single charge based on the website.

OneWheel +

OneWheel + is a fully electric self-balancing skateboard that was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2014 and is now available for purchase – although it is a bit expensive at $ 1,499.

With a range of four miles and a top speed of 15 miles per hour, OneWheel was not designed to last long, it was designed for good looks.

The engine is fully integrated into the wheel in the center of the table, so there are no electronic components visible on the board.

Ninebot One

The Ninebot One was created by Xiaomi and appears to be an updated variant of the AirWheel, popular in 2015.

The one-wheel hoverboard boasts impressive features with a maximum range of 22 miles, a top speed of 14 miles per hour and a weight of 14 kg, and it looks gorgeous.

There is no single screw or plastic joint on the outside, and it has LED lights around the wheel that can pulsate in a variety of ways, and is customizable via the Ninedroid app.

However, it is the security element of One that makes it more impressive: it is equipped with an intelligent security alarm system that integrates sound, light and touch, and will monitor the status and driving conditions at all times.

If it detects speeding, over-inclination, low power, internal failure or overheating, the cyclist will be notified and the card will be adjusted appropriately.

JBL Free X Sports

JBL Free X: Sports True Wireless Earphones

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Fossil Q GEN 4

Fossil launches the new Q GEN 4 touchscreen smartwatch

Fossil is pleased to announce the fourth generation of smartwatch of its Fossil Q GEN 4.

Equipped with various technological features, the new line offers the technological innovation desired by users, enclosed in a sophisticated design and in models that are characteristic of Fossil. Thanks to the wide range of new features, the brand wants to offer customers a complete device, both in terms of functionality and design. Continue Reading

Fitbit Bracelets

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Xiaomi MITU DIY Robot

Xiaomi MITU DIY Robot, is the programmable robot that wants to compete with LEGO

Few segments and families of products where we do not find the Xiaomi brand as the protagonist. One of the most interesting for those who are fond of programmable robots is the range of programmable robots, hand in hand with the MITU DIY family.

The Xiaomi Robot

Once the work desk was chosen for a few days, the Xiaomi robot test was ready to start. As in other analyzes, next to me I had a notebook where I was going to write down the comments, impressions and details that, in the drafting phase, I did not want to forget, as well as the camera to illustrate the review. After that kind of ritual, he touched the unpacking of Xiaomi’s robot, just landed at home after a long trip from China. Continue Reading

Nexus Q

Nexus Q, Google’s most resounding hardware failure story

In the Google I / O conference in 2012 the search giant surprised us all with a hardware product that had a disturbing design but striking features. The Nexus Q, announced its creators, was the “first multimedia and social streaming player”

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GoPro HERO6 Black

GoPro HERO6 Black, maintaining the reign of action cameras will not be easy

The action camera market is not what it used to be. When GoPro arrived it was alone and with this they created brand and identity, its name was synonymous with ‘action’ and its powerful camera became the standard of the industry. Time has passed and GoPro is no longer alone.

GoPro presented the new HERO6 Black, the renovation of its famous action camera, which seeks to catch up with the aim of continuing to dominate this complicated and growing market. We spent a few hours with the new GoPro HERO6 and then you can read our first impressions, where to see the full picture we will realize that it is not so much a renewal, but paints more to update. Continue Reading

virtual reality

8K glasses what virtual reality needs?

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There are several aspects that limit these experiences, but now there is a little known manufacturer that wants to make a leap in quality. The Pimax 8K are a reality glasses compatible with SteamVR that stand out for their two 4K viewers and for a FOV of 200 degrees that theoretically will improve the visual experience in a remarkable way. Will that help this segment? Continue Reading