How do i find out if someone is remotely accessing my phone?

how do i find out if someone is remotely accessing my phone

The limits of technology in this modern society can really go anywhere and go further and further by the day. However, these limits are good for increasing the quality of life and speeding up some proceedings, for example, during investigations, etc. However, everything has its pros and cons and therefore, if the process can somehow help us in the same way, it can represent a double-edged sword since it can backfire. The following guide, however, has been written to warn you of certain actions; thanks to it, therefore, we could understand how do I find out if someone is remotely accessing my phone.

In the specific case, in fact, we are talking about control and spying that can be implemented using modern smartphones. Therefore, the news of some telephone put under control not only by the competent authorities but also by civilians who know how to fiddle enough is not new. In fact, anyone can turn into a hacker and capture all the sensitive data and information we have in our smartphones.

how do i find out if someone is remotely accessing my phone

How do I find out if someone is remotely accessing my phone?

First of all, however, you must know that there are different ways to do it, as well as there are various ways to spy on a phone. The most used form of espionage, however, is that which makes use of the use of certain applications because it is the easiest way and, above all, within reach of each individual. In any case, there are very specific signals that help us understand if our mobile phone has been put under control.

To find out if your cell phone is being spied on, you have to pay attention to the so-called symptoms that put us on alert. A smartphone under control is, in fact, subject to a slowdown in its functions and, above all, in the process of switching it on and off. Another warning sign can be sudden lighting or apps that have not been downloaded by us ourselves. In the event, then you can also receive text messages from unknown people or notice that the battery runs out faster than usual. Finally, the telephone line could also be affected, often causing disturbing signals.

Anti-spyware app

Once we have noticed a series of so-called symptoms that help us find out if our mobile phone is being spied on or at least give us an alarm bell, we can be totally sure by installing applications through the smartphone store itself. It must be said that there are more than one, so just try and start the scan. The result of this scan will reveal if the phone is under control.


When we have a series of clues in hand that confirm our thesis, we can discover and take action against those who commit this crime. Therefore we have the possibility to contact the postal police without first contacting our telephone operator, who will provide us with certain proofs on the use of data not carried out by us who are the actual users of the smartphone.