The 7 best electric knife of 2021

best electric knife

One way to cut meat, fish, and other foods as if they were butter is to have one of the best electric knives that we show you below. Forget about spending money on expensive knives that will later become dull and useless. Save time and money with these products that we will analyze below. And that later we will tell you some tips on their use and maintenance.


I will start to analyze a knife that I like a lot and that is very cheap. So if you want to try a product of these characteristics for the first time without spending too much. And that also responds more than any other from a basic brand, you have to try this from the Moulinex brand. A high-quality product with some characteristics that we tell you in the following lines.

If you have ever tried an article from this house, you will know how they make it and the design they give to their products. In this case, something similar happens, since when you have it in your hand they remind you of others, as is the case with blenders. In the same way, the design will be in white color with some gray motifs, however, the color note, as always happens, is found in the Moulinex name. It is an ergonomic design, easy to grip with your hand, that you will feel very comfortable with it. Regarding power and other functions, it has a motor that works at 100W so that with a simple pass you can cut from bread, ideal for making very thin slices of the same size, even to cut up a roast chicken. It has a safety button with which you can easily remove the blade without damaging yourself. And this edge can be washed in the dishwasher once used. To increase safety, the tip is rounded and not short. So you will only have the option of this if the meat is in the lower area.

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SERRATED ELECTRIC KNIFE AEG EM 5669best electric knife

We continue with the analysis of another product, in this case from the AEG house that also usually brings us great appliances for the home such as the knife that I am going to compare you on this occasion. It is a very good version, which for us takes a step forward compared to the previous model, although it also has some weak points.

I’m going to start with this weak point and then tell you everything I see that it is quite good and that it can surely make you more attracted than another article. This point is mainly focused on its ergonomics, since as you can see, the design is different and its handle is V-shaped, holding on a different side and parallel to the one where the blade is born. By having a grip in this way, the cut is not as natural as the one we could have with a conventional knife, having to make use of this product before we begin to feel comfortable with it.

However, many may see this as an advantage, as they feel more secure with the edge furthest from the hand. For the rest, it has a motor almost twice as powerful as the first. With about 180W that will make the blade move much more quickly. Despite having so much power, it does not make noise or vibrates, something that is appreciated, since other knives that I have tried with the same power, you have that feeling that the hand will end up asleep with all the movement, especially if it you use for a long time. When buying this product, you will have an extra blade in case after many uses you notice that it has been damaged, does not cut as it did at the beginning, or you simply want to use one for each thing.

SEVERIN 3965 ELECTRIC KNIFEbest electric knife

We changed to a model that we could consider basic but that is on this list of the best electric knives given its cheap price and functionality, since despite costing so little, you will have a suitable product that complies, without having any characteristics. special but also pleasantly surprised by the safety of the product.

The first thing that I am going to comment on and that has caught my attention is its design, especially because it has a body that well reminds us, as in Moulinex, that when we grab it, especially without a blade, to a vacuum cleaner. hand as it has the same weight even. The robust body is above all to house a motor that will give us a standard power, such as 100W. Continuing with the characteristics, it catches my attention and I like that it has a safety zone just below the body of the handle, which ensures that the blade does not touch the surface on which it is being cut, functioning as a stop. Although I personally like it, many may feel that it is a small failure since they cannot speed up the cut, having to separate the fillets or slices with another conventional knife, Although to solve this you can always put a cutting board underneath in order to reach the bottom of the food. You will have two very sharp blades when you buy this Severin model, which is put in the dishwasher.


One of my favorites in this catalog and that has given me great satisfaction is from a brand that despite not being known, the cutting experience is perfect, especially if you like cooking and more than power, what you are looking for is manageability, since it has an ergonomic design that will be very easy to move to cut up all kinds of food, with the possibility of separating the meat from the bone in a matter of seconds.

This design has two different names that Koening has called Slimline, especially because it has very fine lines and that it weighs very little in the hand making cutting easier, on the other hand, its Soft-Touch handle manages to give us a secure grip, but also comfort, making this task more bearable, being able to do it in a matter of minutes. But what I really like about this device are its blades, since, for someone who is an expert and who knows how to handle these objects, they will appreciate the usefulness that a knife gives you because the saw is all over the edge, since with a little skill you can speed up the cut, being able to also have a larger cutting surface. Unlike other models, it will have two buttons located on the sides to remove the blade, while the rest have a single button. With the power of this knife, you can even cut frozen. In case you have bread and do not want to defrost the entire bar or even meat. The price includes a set of two knives so you can exchange them or if one breaks.


We move on to another very complete model for a very competent price that will have within it a series of accessories that will help you decide to buy it despite not being a well-known brand product.

The electric serrated knife model has a fairly conventional and unattractive design. At least, in my opinion, being an almost shapeless body in silver color. It will only have a small shape, which is where it will be held with the hand, but for my taste, it could have been elaborated better to give greater security to the grip, despite this it responds very well in all situations, even if what I know. wants to cut is bread or some pastry food, passing of course through meats or fish, leaving the latter looking very neat as if it had been cut by an expert hand and with a knife used in professional kitchens. If we talk about the power of the machine, You will have blades that will move with little noise or vibration thanks to a 120W motor that is of such quality that it offers a fast and clean-cut but without being heard or overheated. In addition to having extra blades so that you can replace them the day one does not cut you or even if you want to leave them for each food without mixing, these can be easily washed in the dishwasher and you will also have a place to hold your product as you can see in the picture.


We are approaching the end of the comparison and we want to impress you with an electric knife that, due to its dimensions, is more than attractive, especially for those who do not want a device that takes up a lot of space in their kitchens while still enjoying a very useful product and a cutting capacity like the most.

I want to start this time with one of its advantages and that although I have already spoken to you minimally in the previous paragraph, now I want to extend a little more so that you know it better. The body of this model that receives the name of Colibrí is made of black plastic, giving it a more careful and beautiful appearance of all those we have seen, but what stands out most is its slim handle, very easy to handle, ideal for those cooks or people who want to become one who wants a tool with which to cut thin slices or slices, from freshly made or frozen bread to meat or fish. Its handle is very pleasant to the touch. So you will feel as if you were handling a normal knife. But with the power and simplicity that these objects provide.

The movement of the blade is fast so that each cut is as efficient as possible. And despite being a very slim model. It has the power and robustness that you are looking for in these products. To remove the blade and wash it, which can be by hand or in the dishwasher. It has a button that you must press to make it come out.


I wanted to save you for the end the strongest dish of all, or at least that I consider that way above all because of the quality of the product itself and the degree of satisfaction that you will find handling this model from the well-known Princess brand.

In my kitchen there are many products of this brand, having all given surprising results. And this electric knife is not going to be an exception since it has everything to become your smart purchase.

The design, as you can see, is a double body, on one side there will be the motor with a maximum power of 180 that will give you all the necessary force for the best cuts, whether it is products at room temperature or as if they are frozen. The other “body” is the handle that has a rubber finish. That helps you feel much more pleasant to the touch. Do not slip and the grip is the most correct so that the cut is precise and fair. The rest of the body of the Princess model will be made of good-quality plastic.

When buying this knife you will have multipurpose blades that. As we have mentioned, are useful for each food item, which can be washed in the dishwasher without spoiling. And also, by bringing you several. They all have a cover that will protect them so that they last for a long time. more time.