Windows Apps

8 Essential Windows Apps For Students

Students have a lot to deal with these days, so they need an extra hand to do things. Here are some essential Windows apps for students.

Technology has changed the way many students approach their education. Anyone at school today has access to a range of apps. Whether you are in high school, enroll in college as a freshman, or by completing an advanced level, these Windows apps should be at the top of the school shopping list! However, it is still necessary to know which Windows apps are useful and which are not. Continue Reading

Wondershare Data Recovery

Wondershare Data Recovery, the best tool to recover data in Windows

Recover data lost in Windows from hard drives, SSD drives and removable drives: Here’s how to do with Wondershare Data Recovery.

An effective backup policy, perhaps focused on the use of RAID technology on workstations and on the use of one or more NAS servers, helps to prevent data loss.

There are situations, however, where it is necessary to resort to a solution to recover data deleted due to human error or hardware / software problem. Continue Reading

Microsoft notebook

Microsoft and outstanding debts: Why the notebook is the biggest forgotten Windows?

“Amaze you, gentlemen users: here we bring you a text editor that can be controlled with the mouse”. That was probably the presentation message of Multi-Tool Notepad, the tool that Microsoft presented at COMDEX in 1983 and that offered a “visual” alternative to the poor text editing tools that dominated its MS-DOS operating system at the time.

That would lead to Notepad in Windows 1.01 in 1985, and 33 years later the funny thing is that things have not changed much. The mythical notebook is one of those eternal tools integrated in Windows and that for one reason or another has hardly changed. And not because I do not need them. Hello, Satya? You read me? Continue Reading