Microsoft Edge

Criticizing that Google sabotages Microsoft Edge is having a very bad memory

Joshua Bakita, who worked as a software engineer in the development of the Microsoft Edge browser, has a singular theory about the recent decision that motivated his ex-company to change this browser to convert it into a Chromium-derived product.

According to that engineer, Google sabotaged Microsoft Edge. He did it through changes in their websites that “broke” other browsers and forced developers to adapt to those changes in order to render them well. It has flats, especially when Microsoft did exactly the same thing years ago: there was a time when Internet Explorer 6 dominated the world and made the web what it wanted for a long time. Continue Reading


Periscope compete against Google and Facebook through its new service YouTube Connect

Let’s face it, Google fell asleep, yes, the owner of the largest Internet video platform failed to get timely fashion service: live transmissions via smartphones. Such services today are dominated by Periscope, this after Meerkat, one of the first applications, is close to abandoning the battle, also Facebook, who a few weeks ago has begun to release the option a few users in iOS.

But it is not too late and Google wants to enter the battle, since according to reports VentureBeat, the Mountain View company is about to launch its own service broadcasts, which would be compatible with iOS and Android and would be hosted on YouTube, being a new service for the platform that would be called YouTube Connect. Continue Reading