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Why 2018 has been a great year for mobile technology?

If something characterizes a server is analyzing with a certain criticism a large part of the technological products that pass through my hands. I personally believe that in a market where the high range costs about 1,000 dollars and the average range about 300 should not be magnanimous, because if you do not highlight the negative aspects of a product the firm will never make efforts to improve it. However, as a lover of technology, I cannot help but get excited year after year, after seeing the innovations and novelties that manufacturers are presenting. Continue Reading


The smartphone is looking for its next revolution, users are taking longer to change their mobile phone

Is the smartphone facing a stagnant sales phase? That is what IDC data seem to point to, which indicated that the sales estimate for 2016 had grown just 0.6% over 2015. A priori the formidable growth of this market is in danger.

One of the problems is the maturity of a segment in which the innovations in the hardware are increasingly less striking for users, who increasingly change their mobile less frequently. In 2011 they did it in less than 24 months, and currently it is estimated that the user changes average mobile every 31.2 months. Continue Reading


Ubuntu finally turns your smartphone into a desktop PC, and does so via Miracast

The promise of convergence was too good to be true. Canonical made us dream, but the platform has finally reached the market has shown that both smartphones and tablets, there is still a long way to go for Ubuntu.

Today, however, have taken an important step: the latest update of the mobile operating system achieves something that until now was not available for users of Ubuntu on smartphones: now can turn your phone into a desktop PC wirelessly thanks to the Miracast technology. Continue Reading