PC and laptop

Who said smartphone? The CES remains the party of the PC and the laptop

Studies, industry and the new generations seem to tire of telling us that the PC is a concept that no longer makes much sense in today’s world. Falling sales take years and all we see the smartphone (increasingly) as hyper center of that life.

But the PC continues to have its particular romance with the CES, the fair of consumer electronics that is used by a large number of manufacturers to re-launch news in a sector that far from dying continues to try to prove that it is here to stay. We are looking at everything and everything: even the new smartphones are waiting for another moment to launch, knowing that this is the party of the PC and the laptop. Continue Reading


The PC market suffered a further drop in sales for the eighth consecutive quarter

Sales of PCs still in free fall and a speedy recovery is not seen, because with the third quarter of 2016 are being met eight periods where the computer market has faced a decline in sales, which started during the last quarter of 2014 and so far has not seen an uptick.

The analyst firm Gartner has just published prior to its already famous market research, where we offer an overview of the performance of computer sales around the world, and yes, the picture remains the same, an overall decline of 5.7% compared with the same period last year. Continue Reading

Xbox One

Your next PC could be a console: The Xbox One points to the convergence

The dream of this convergence that Microsoft promised us with Windows 10 still slowly coming true. First came the smartphones based on Windows 10 that could become our PC although the result so far not spectacular – and now is the turn of the Xbox One, that this summer will receive an update that will allow us to use it (almost) as a PC.

In the “Anniversary Update” will arrive this summer to the console and also to PCs and notebooks based on Windows 10 will integrate many important innovations that make the Xbox One can function as a PC when needed. This will include support for keyboard and mouse and universal applications: can you imagine using Office directly on the console? Or playing Dota 2 mouse and keyboard connected to the console, and not a traditional PC? Continue Reading


Ubuntu finally turns your smartphone into a desktop PC, and does so via Miracast

The promise of convergence was too good to be true. Canonical made us dream, but the platform has finally reached the market has shown that both smartphones and tablets, there is still a long way to go for Ubuntu.

Today, however, have taken an important step: the latest update of the mobile operating system achieves something that until now was not available for users of Ubuntu on smartphones: now can turn your phone into a desktop PC wirelessly thanks to the Miracast technology. Continue Reading