Do not we have enough RAM on the phone? Samsung ups the ante to 8GB

Now we have spoken on occasion of this new career that has mobile phones by having more RAM. No matter the amount, if a manufacturer creates a larger memory module, we have no doubt that soon there will be someone.

The reality is that having more RAM is very beneficial in the panorama Android, a system that assumes these increases guarantees not having restrictions with multiple tasks. Having more – volatile memory also means being able to load more demanding applications, or a more beautiful future ahead of updates. For this, and make it clear they are the bosses, Samsung believes that it is time to present its module with 8GB. Continue Reading

Samsung Nvidia GPU

Samsung is the manufacturer of the next generation of Nvidia GPU, according to Reuters

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd division continues to gain presence in the world thanks to its ability to manufacture components for a host of clients, among which we find Apple, Qualcomm with its Snapdragon 820, rumors about an alliance with AMD, and of course its own Exynos SoC, but apparently it has been adding a major new customer: Nvidia.

According to information collected by Reuters through a Korean newspaper, Samsung has just signed a contract with Nvidia to be responsible for the manufacture of the next generation of GPUs that would be launched during the first quarter of 2017. Continue Reading