Samsung presents its 12 megapixel sensor with Dual Pixel technology, as in the Galaxy S7

12 megapixel sensor

This type of information is as interesting as complicated to understand. What presents Samsung today is that it has a sensor of 12 megapixels capable of recording information technology Dual Pixel. Yes, that we were presenting a few days ago and mainly introduces a capability approach never before seen in a mobile device.

12 megapixel sensor
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Are the same basic features of the camera chosen for the Samsung Galaxy S7, which is concocted by people from Sony. We understand by this that Samsung wants to – as far as possible – be independent when creating the main components of their equipment. What makes chipsets, memories, and screens with cameras?

What does seem definite is to see that the two sensors, is the Samsung or Sony, you opt for an amount of megapixels that does not surprise anyone for having a high number. In fact, previous sensors had moved in 16 megapixels. The dimensions are identical, allowing you to have a pixel size of 1.4 microns.


We are clear that this new development of Samsung comes to be placed in an important phone is the house itself, or another manufacturer. It does not seem that going to get a Galaxy S7 or variant, or at least not on time for a first run.

Comment that falls within the family of sensors ISO CELL Korean house. In addition, that name can make major differences with the product sells Sony them. It is a technology that tries to isolate each pixel other, to get a less contaminated with what is happening around shots.

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Samsung said in its official statement that it has put into production the 12-megapixel sensor. Will you be ready for the next Galaxy Note? Having seen, I do not care to repeat with Sony sensor.

Update: As there seems to stir with this story, commenting that all S7 demo phones also have been sent for analysis, feature Sony sensors. Internet buyers are appearing passing software to their computers and informs them that the sensor is Samsung – last year was the same with the S6 -. On this little we can count, Samsung says the new sensor has just been put into production, we doubt that is already in some S7.