Your next PC could be a console: The Xbox One points to the convergence

Xbox One

The dream of this convergence that Microsoft promised us with Windows 10 still slowly coming true. First came the smartphones based on Windows 10 that could become our PC although the result so far not spectacular – and now is the turn of the Xbox One, that this summer will receive an update that will allow us to use it (almost) as a PC.

In the “Anniversary Update” will arrive this summer to the console and also to PCs and notebooks based on Windows 10 will integrate many important innovations that make the Xbox One can function as a PC when needed. This will include support for keyboard and mouse and universal applications: can you imagine using Office directly on the console? Or playing Dota 2 mouse and keyboard connected to the console, and not a traditional PC?

Xbox One
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Mouse and keyboard on the Xbox One

In a recent interview with Phil Spencer PCGamesN -maximum responsible for the division Xbox- spoke about the future of the console in the field of productivity and confirmed that Microsoft developers have already secured support for keyboards on the Xbox One and mouse will offer soon. That means the keyboard and mouse support for end users come “within a few months, although not yet have an exact date.”

This option is very interesting both in the field of productive as in games. On the one hand, universal applications allow tools like Office can be used on both a PC and the Xbox One, thanks to the promise of mouse and keyboard support.

The same applies in the segment of video games with those titles, which for many is best played with mouse and keyboard with the command of the Xbox One. The FPS does not seem to be a big problem for those who have enjoyed for years of these games Microsoft in the console, but many prefer to use mouse and keyboard for such titles.

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Those who do that will benefit are strategy games, RPGs, MMORPGs or MOBAs as ‘Starcraft’, ‘League of Legends’ or ‘Dota 2’ which could reach the Xbox One as universal titles that could also benefit from this new feature ” Play Anywhere “that makes online games may have mixed players and portable PCs with Windows 10 players on the Xbox One.

Best of all: that the Xbox One console will remain the same as always, but also give you access to all this new set of options that will allow us to turn it into a PC when needed. It may not ye renew your PC, but what replaced by a One Xbox or one of the new Xbox One S with these options? It does not seem bad proposal, especially if those universal applications really start to grow in number and allow us to effectively do “almost everything” with the console Microsoft.