Low cost iPhone

Low cost iPhone: 9 or SE will Apple surprise in the Easter egg!

Is there a new low cost iPhone coming as a surprise inside the Easter egg? The rumors, in fact, are becoming more insistent. And the rumors chasing each other have intensified in the last few days. According to experts, in fact, the Cupertino giant would have the launch of a low-cost iPhone for next April 15, with the start of sales of the new device to see the light that would be set on the agenda for April 22. Continue Reading

How to close apps on iPhone X

How to close apps on iPhone X?

You have just purchased your new iPhone X to replace your old iPhone. After executing the first configuration, you started downloading and starting your favorite applications, realizing later that they were still running in the background. You tried to close them like you did with your previous iPhone but without results: the absence of the Home button put you in trouble and now you have no idea how to close apps on iPhone X. I guessed it? Well, then let me explain the detailed procedure to succeed in your intent. Continue Reading

Game Boy

Neither the iPhone nor Moto Z, first to remove the jack was the Game Boy

We saw the Moto Z and we have already seen in some models LeTV, but Apple always manages to give the note traditionally although added (or in this rather decline case) performing in their products are not new per. This time it was the elimination of the 3.5 mm jack, but this “revolution” had occurred prior technology but not mobile, but in video games.

When we speak of Moto Z many models you reformists us somewhat smaller brands in terms of sales and market, and also some mobile models being left out of the category smartphones (such as Nokia, carrying its own audio connection). But going back in time we find that Nintendo would make “Moto Z” or “Apple” at the time with the Game Boy Advanced SP. Continue Reading


iPhone debut OLED screen and Home button will bid farewell to its tenth anniversary

We do not know the supposed iPhone 7 would be presented during the month of September and already we are getting more rumors of what we see in 2017 for the Star Apple device, this thanks to the famous filtrador Mark Gurman who just publish information about what that is cooking in Cupertino.

The editor of Bloomberg tells us that Apple is preparing a new feature to use public transportation in Japan, but certainly the most important thing is that next year is the tenth anniversary of the device, the company plans a radical change that has do with eliminating the Home button, a hallmark of the device. Continue Reading


7 reasons why the iPhone will triumph

Not rumored has been less striking. The expected iPhone SE represents the return to the four – inch Apple, the only manufacturer that keeps this diagonal for high -end devices and it also makes a striking price certainly.

He has also made ​​a bet that probably has convinced fans of compact devices and those seeking to update their old models and was hesitant to make the leap to higher diagonals. There are more reasons why we believe that the iPhone SE will triumph and you the detailed below. Continue Reading