7 reasons why the iPhone will triumph


Not rumored has been less striking. The expected iPhone SE represents the return to the four – inch Apple, the only manufacturer that keeps this diagonal for high -end devices and it also makes a striking price certainly.

He has also made ​​a bet that probably has convinced fans of compact devices and those seeking to update their old models and was hesitant to make the leap to higher diagonals. There are more reasons why we believe that the iPhone SE will triumph and you the detailed below.

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1. It is an iPhone, only cheaper

Obviously, the first thing that stands out is the price of the new iPhone: 399 dollars in the market, which are well below the recent iPhone 6s and even the iPhone 6.

That price rises to 499 dollars for the 64GB model, and here we raised the same complaint as ever to Apple: why we condemn a 16GB model if there is no possibility of expanding memory?

Yet it is clear that comparatively speaking the price of this model is most attractive, and it is because as discussed in the following paragraphs, little difference to this powerful device iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

2. Same camera as the iPhone 6s / Plus

Despite the price reduction, at Apple have decided to keep the same camera that is featured in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus: the sensor 12 Mpixels with f / 2.2 allows among other things can record videos 4k on this device.

Which brings us once again to the problem of storage available: careful use that recording capacity in the 16 Gb model if you do not wish that the free space disappears quickly.

3. Same processor as the iPhone 6s / Plus

The same applies to the iPhone processor SE, it does not seem to need more space to run than the iPhone 6s / Plus. In all cases, we have the powerful Apple A9, a micro dual-core 1.8GHz it will also be also accompanied by 2GB of RAM.

This processor also benefits from the PowerVR GPU GT7600 which will probably plenty of power to move a lower resolution: 1,136 x 640 spent pixels instead of 1334 x 750 iPhone 6s. That, incidentally, also benefit the battery consumption, and although no concrete data in the technical specifications equal autonomy iPhone 6s in conversation (14 hours) but surpass Internet use (12 versus 10 6s) or video playback (13 versus 11 6s).

4. Many wanted a high-end 4 inches

The move to the diagonals of 4.7 and 5.5 inches of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was a success for Apple, but with that move left something left who for years had been loyal users of their devices less size.

That works out to these models, which pose a great choice for those who still put up with the iPhone 5s and were hesitant to upgrade their phones by this change in dimensions.

This compact size returns to turn the iPhone into a perfect representative of the high end for those who like to use their mobile with one hand, and certainly raises a perfect choice for those still betting on this format.

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5. Touch 3D makes no difference (it?)

The differences between the iPhone and the iPhone 6s are not so great. Except for the obvious distinctions in design, screen size and resolution, the rest of the hardware is virtually identical. In fact there is only one really noticeable difference apart of the front camera 1.2 Mpixels -sales losing those many selfies- done.

That difference is the support 3D Touch, which is the clear technological feature that really sets the border between the two devices. The question is so worth it deserves 3D Touch to pay the price imposed by this technology. It is true that is the screen size, but one wonders if that option really makes up much.

6. Apple Ready to Pay

As with other hardware improvements, here Apple has also sought to prepare your iPhone for the future with the support of Apple Pay.

An integral part of this offer is of course the Touch ID sensor , which also allow access to the authentication device and their choices in all kinds of scenarios.This reason is not as important today as it will in the medium term, but it is certainly relevant.

7. Have we said that it is an iPhone but for less?

All this makes this device is not only interesting for that price, but by its approach: it could become that “mass iPhone”, with nuances, of course- that many alluded when speaking of the iPhone 5c. This device has nothing to do with that, and here Apple could conquer many undecided.

That’s not only true for new audiences such as young people who may now turn to iPhone SE in a curious successor of the BlackBerry 8520 that became key players in this sector. It could also be for emerging countries where Apple does not take off quite like India. We will see how will those sales, but of course there are arguments to think about a new Apple’s success in the segment of smartphones.