Low cost iPhone: 9 or SE will Apple surprise in the Easter egg!

Low cost iPhone

Is there a new low cost iPhone coming as a surprise inside the Easter egg? The rumors, in fact, are becoming more insistent. And the rumors chasing each other have intensified in the last few days. According to experts, in fact, the Cupertino giant would have the launch of a low-cost iPhone for next April 15, with the start of sales of the new device to see the light that would be set on the agenda for April 22.

But if definitive certainties still do not come from California, where the mouths are sealed, what many experts converge on is precisely the announcement that the model chosen for the next launch should be the low-cost iPhone. A new object of desire that, however, still does not have a name: according to some, in fact, iPhone SE2 would have been baptized, for others it will be called iPhone 9.

How will the new low cost iPhone be

Something concrete can be deduced, nevertheless. The new low cost iPhone, first of all, seems to have entered the last mile of the production checks in an assembly plant in Zhengzhou, China. The rumors that came from under the Great Wall indicate the presence of an LCD display, a design similar to the iPhone 8 and the home button with integrated Touch ID. At the processor level, then, the chosen chip should be the Apple A13, already in use on the iPhone 11, iPhone11 Pro and Pro Max. In terms of memory, the variants should be 64 and 128 GB, with 3 GB by Ram Lpddr4x. On the cost, the most persistent hypothesis is a price that would be around 399 dollars. Keep Reading textsheet alternative

The tip of the launch from the Best Buy warehouse

In the wake of the unofficial smuggling information from China, some similar confirmation seems to come from the US. A solid support for the thesis of an upcoming low cost iPhone launch is from a few days ago. The tip arrives from the warehouses of the largest American consumer electronics retailer, Best Buy, where the cover of an iPhone signed by the accessory Uag has come to be placed on the shelf, bearing the words “designed for New iPhone 4.7″ 2020 ” : a new serious indication that a launch by Apple would be around the corner.

The low cost iPhone announced by the iOS 13.4.5 beta?

The latest is more solid indiscretion to the news of a probable next launch of a low cost iPhone comes, finally, from Apple itself. To be precise, from the iOS 13.4.5 beta. Within the code, in fact, several developers have identified the confirmation of the existence of a smartphone with Touch ID compatible with the CarKey function: a service that has been activated up to now with only unlocking via Face ID. The news, in fact, had already been discovered in the version released in February, but the latest beta has also added information relating to the support for the payment function of public transport through Apple Pay. All that remains is to wait a few more days and see what a surprise the Cupertino giant will have for Easter for all the fans of the iPhone.

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