Low cost iPhone

Low cost iPhone: 9 or SE will Apple surprise in the Easter egg!

Is there a new low cost iPhone coming as a surprise inside the Easter egg? The rumors, in fact, are becoming more insistent. And the rumors chasing each other have intensified in the last few days. According to experts, in fact, the Cupertino giant would have the launch of a low-cost iPhone for next April 15, with the start of sales of the new device to see the light that would be set on the agenda for April 22. Continue Reading

How to close apps on iPhone X

How to close apps on iPhone X?

You have just purchased your new iPhone X to replace your old iPhone. After executing the first configuration, you started downloading and starting your favorite applications, realizing later that they were still running in the background. You tried to close them like you did with your previous iPhone but without results: the absence of the Home button put you in trouble and now you have no idea how to close apps on iPhone X. I guessed it? Well, then let me explain the detailed procedure to succeed in your intent. Continue Reading

iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive: How it works and how to take advantage of Apple’s cloud

iCloud is an Apple virtual storage service. It is available for iOS 8 and later, for Mac OS X Yosemite and later PCs, and for Windows 7 PCs with iCloud for Windows. It can be very useful for saving images, spreadsheets, PDFs and all your data by storing them on an online hard disk in a simple and safe way.

The free version offered by Apple provides 5 GB of memory but it is possible to increase this space by subscribing to a paid subscription. Continue Reading

MacBook Pro

Apple does not forget the MacBook Pro and adds better graphics options with AMD Radeon Vega and Blackmagic’s eGPU Pro

In addition to presenting the new MacBook Air with retina display, Apple has also taken advantage to expand the options available in the MacBook Pro. In particular is the 15-inch MacBook Pro that can clearly improve its graphics performance including the new AMD Radeon Pro for the first time Vega 20 and Pro Vega 16, two GPUs that offer considerably better performance than the Radeon Pro 560X that comes by default. Continue Reading

Apple MacBook

Apple would not yet become independent of Intel, but the development of its own ARM chips has its advantages

At the moment this is an unconfirmed official information, but it seems that Apple has decided to design and develop a new ARM-based chip for future MacBook Pro that we would see this year. A chip that at the moment would not completely replace those currently provided Intel to the brand for their computers.

In this way, Apple would go beyond that ARM-based chip we saw last October when they unveiled the new features of the new MacBook Pro, dedicated only to the Touch Bar and security issues. The new chip, under the name ‘T310’, would have been developed last year and according to Mark Gurman in Bloomberg, which publishes the information from nearby sources, will work in conjunction with Intel, but developing own chips can report a series of Advantages to the manufacturer. Continue Reading


Apple could be reserved for the iPhone 8: What impact will that have on sales of the iPhone 7?

Within about two months will witness the launch of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus – if those are your definitivos- names, and the truth is that everything is rumored or leaked in recent months speaks about devices that many things will be too similar to the current iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

In fact recent rumors suggest that Apple will not make great revolutions this year and break its usual two – year cycle to renew both inside and outside the terminals. This new cycle could lead not to an iPhone 7s, but directly to theiPhone 8 in fall 2017 to celebrate the decade of the launch of its smartphone. What impact that might have on sales these coming quarters?

IPhone 7: Changes yes, revolutions do not

The Apple rumor mill often causes all sorts of conspiracy theories, but the truth is that everything suggests that the design of the iPhone 7 will be practically traced to the current terminal except for the famous disappearance of 3.5mm of the both we are talking and that many have criticized here and there. Continue Reading


Apple and sabotage blessed by the user

These days we learned the philosophy railway Apple could have negative effects for many users again. If you’ve had to repair the Home button on your iPhone 6 and 6S and you did an unofficial service, you’ll end up with a phone brick to upgrade to the new version of iOS in September.

Those responsible for Apple gave a coherent argument about an unofficial service that button repaired compromised the security of Touch ID sensor. For many users, however, the problem is not that the official Apple service can charge more than one unofficial for repair: the problem is that for many people there is no official Apple center nearby and have to go to these alternative services. Continue Reading