Samsung Galaxy S7 reports to a powerful economic results

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung begins to breathe differently; better, their numbers are much nicer since the Samsung Galaxy S7 appeared on the market. They pasted a few seasons in a very depressing atmosphere with economic accounts, but changes in strategy in the mobile world seem to be working for them.

Koreans have presented results for the first quarter of the year, and as usual, we have economic data, little about sales figures that allow us to compare with other phones. The reality is that the quarter is better than what has been achieved in the same period last year, and the outlook for 2016 also looks good.

Samsung is a very large company, this not only on phones, and we can say that almost all departments have improved in revenue – except “screens” -. But what are the phones weigh. The relative success of the Galaxy S7 and his brother Curved Edge have been the main catalysts of the accounts.

Samsung Galaxy S7
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What is not relative to downplay the star of the house phone, is that there has been a change in strategy that conditions quite comparing numbers between years. In short, Samsung decided to take his Galaxy S7 early, almost at the beginning of the year, and the decision could not be luckier.

How many phones have sold?

Samsung does not provide such data, not customary to do so unless him for reporting a record. If we ignore market consultants, as IDC, sales amounted to81.6 million phones in the first quarter. It is something less than what was achieved in 2015.

It is very interesting to take a look at the report, which reflects our colleagues. Here we see growth expected as Huawei movements, but also the great rise of the Chinese group which includes live and Oppo.

The catalog changes are functioning

Remove it before, and do so at a price that has not been exorbitantly have helped give them the first blow with respect to competition. If it had not worked, had a few months to go playing with prices until the arrival of the second cockerel, the Galaxy Note 6.

Samsung says it has also worked you to make a clearer choice of mid-range and low, creating new families like the Galaxy A, or the most affordable Galaxy J, they have allowed them to cut costs.

The expectations of the Korean company are to continue the positive momentum in the second quarter of the year, the Galaxy S7 continues without losing interest in the market and the chip business is working very well.

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Memory and processors up

Other departments can be happy. Although computers are not at their best, Samsung has improved their business profits in processor and memory.

This business usually has some weak numbers earlier this year, but also forward all been well. It seems that Samsung’s ability to provide a manufacturing system 14nm has brought him considerable income.

Screens fall

If we go to the department that is responsible for creating panels, we find negative results; losses caused by the drop in interest in the LCD, where business remain strong manufacturing.

Demand in the OLED will rise and you will bring fresh air to the department. In fact more and more companies making feature phones that are they asking for AMOLED panels?

Financial results

Speaking of numbers, then we can say that the benefits of the company grew by 12% compared to the first quarter of 2015, that’s something like 5,840 million.

If we are going to see revenue growth we have is 5.7%. These numbers are slightly better than expected by Samsung.

  • CE (Consumer Electronics) is for TVs and household things.
  • IM (IT & Mobile) is for tablets and phones.
  • Semicon is the chip business: memories and processors.
  • DP (Display Panel) is the department for LCD and OLED panels.
  • DS (Device Solutions business) is an arm responsible for working with companies.