Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 reports to a powerful economic results

Samsung begins to breathe differently; better, their numbers are much nicer since the Samsung Galaxy S7 appeared on the market. They pasted a few seasons in a very depressing atmosphere with economic accounts, but changes in strategy in the mobile world seem to be working for them.

Koreans have presented results for the first quarter of the year, and as usual, we have economic data, little about sales figures that allow us to compare with other phones. The reality is that the quarter is better than what has been achieved in the same period last year, and the outlook for 2016 also looks good.

Samsung is a very large company, this not only on phones, and we can say that almost all departments have improved in revenue – except “screens” -. But what are the phones weigh. The relative success of the Galaxy S7 and his brother Curved Edge have been the main catalysts of the accounts. Continue Reading