iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 and its OLED screen in trouble, covering demand will not be easy for manufacturers

It has long been rumored that Apple will offer OLED displays in future iPhone in August , and it will achieve one of the advances that had not yet integrated into their smartphones while competition itself had been doing time.

The problem is that the huge demand for these devices could compromise manufacturers: OLED displays are more complex to produce, and limited production could have a dangerous side effect: that only a variant of the iPhone 8 would offer such displays. Continue Reading


iPhone debut OLED screen and Home button will bid farewell to its tenth anniversary

We do not know the supposed iPhone 7 would be presented during the month of September and already we are getting more rumors of what we see in 2017 for the Star Apple device, this thanks to the famous filtrador Mark Gurman who just publish information about what that is cooking in Cupertino.

The editor of Bloomberg tells us that Apple is preparing a new feature to use public transportation in Japan, but certainly the most important thing is that next year is the tenth anniversary of the device, the company plans a radical change that has do with eliminating the Home button, a hallmark of the device. Continue Reading