Computers all in one

Computers all-in-one one with another hinge Surface Book is what it sounds strongly in the universe Surface

Microsoft is a powerful company in hardware, more and more, but we cannot say that everything he has done has gone well, especially in the mobile market. On the positive side, we can say that the Redmond company deserves a medal with the evolution of Surface in the last two years, becoming more and more interesting and capable products.

You will be with me that everything that has to do with updating the Surface family, or make it bigger; it is a source of news. Specialists in the field of Windows Central bring us juicy information concerning the renewal of Surface Book, besides putting on the table the creation of computers all-in-one under the Microsoft brand.

The Surface Book was released last year and far from being designed with design conditions or commitments; they surprised us with a very impressive laptop, both specifications and looks, a combo for which you have to pay a high price. But there were things that not everyone liked, and has all the earmarks of that will change. Continue Reading

AOC all in one

A computer all in one with Remix OS? AOC is the first to launch

Which Android was originally designed to sneak into mobile devices, it is a fact, but has been trying to get where it could; it is also a fact less successful. For computers not present a particularly interesting interface, fortunately there are people who have been working on their own versions, as in the case of Remix OS.

It is one of the most ambitious to bring the Google operating system to the computer, leaving aside proposals convergence that may occur with Chrome OS, but products that support the platform difficult to advance. For AOC has decided to launch a computer all in one with Remix OS. Continue Reading