What’s the big problem with free VPNs? Why should you take care of?

The VPN emerged as a very effective system to protect communication between two ends and prevent possible “nosy” they could have access to these data transfers. The idea was much used in business and professional environments, but its benefits have become much more common use after adapting the VPN for a much more attractive task: to enjoy Netflix, Hulu or Pandora in our country, when theoretically we could only do it from the United States.

In that case the trick is to play with the IPs, the addresses that serve to try to prove that our team is working in the United States or in any other country. Usually these VPN services have a certain cost, but there are free alternatives – in long ago we were talking about seven of them – that attract many users by that circumstance. The problem, of course, is that nothing is actually free. Continue Reading

Device Update

I’ve never updated my devices: Why 4 out of 10 users deny patches?

Perhaps many of us you read regularly actualize your version of Windows 10, or MacOS, or even your mobile with Android or iOS, but what happens when you have to update is a printer, a TV, a router or A videoconference camera?

The truth is that not everyone does. A recent survey of Canonical, the company responsible for Ubuntu, reveals that 40% of users have never consciously updated their devices. That behavior makes security failures can never be corrected despite patches to do so, and things could get complicated in the face of the future of the Internet of Things.

Not updating can be very dangerous

2000 consumers in that study, which was attended by only 31% with devices connected claimed that actualization these devices as soon as updates were available. Of the rest as we said a good part had not updated them, opening the door to all types of malware and intrusions by potential cyber-attacks. Continue Reading


What is the reason for not using more voice assistants?

Our smartphones have long been offering the ability to “talk to them” through the wizard’s voice, but although the use of this feature has been extended in recent times, almost never used in a particular scenario: when there are people around.

A study of Creative Strategies reveals that many users do not know or use this option, but among those who use it frequently becomes clear that at the moment what to talk to the phone or smart watch is made especially when no one sees us. Continue Reading

Remix OS

Remix Pro, so the prototype with which Jide wants to settle the future of OS Remix

Although in recent months Jide has been making enough noise with its operating system OS Remix, the company has not come to the Mobile World Congress 2016 with its own stand. However, that does not mean they are not present, and in fact we could chat with them both stand Wolder as in ARM.

While Wolder, the first European partner Jide, represents the near future of Remix OS to be showing what will be the first device to launch with this system over the next few months. He has been on the stand of ARM as we can see what are your long-term plans, which are materialized with a prototype of what could be your next device manufactured in: the Jide Ultra Tablet. Continue Reading

HBO Stream

The war against the television networks Netflix and other streaming platforms

A few years ago, if you wanted to see an international series premiere did not have too many options. Offered few channels open and when they did, it was common that the chain decided to relegate the morning for lack of audience (who followed you write ‘Angel’ and ’24’ in the early hours of Antena 3 in his day). That was until the pay channels began to settle, as FOX, AXN and Calle 13, who started betting to issue some exclusive content.

The picture has since changed. Yes, open chains seem to have given up this series but there’s only pay-TV channels fighting for the same content, but has entered a third stage: streaming platforms. The same situation is being experienced worldwide and not only with Netflix, but with other services like Amazon or HBO entering the fight for the content. Continue Reading


How long have you being the worst possible password 123456 and why never get delete it?

We’ve done it again. According to the list of the worst passwords of 2015 recently published by the developer of security software Splashdata, we have repositioned “123456” at number 1 of the most used passwords in a collected from more than two million list passwords.

At first glance makes you want to take the list to laugh, because I really cannot believe that at this point there are still people using “123456” or “password” as a password to protect important things like email or online access to the bank. But if we look Splashdata reports from other years and analyze a bit the trend, we see the issue is quite serious. Continue Reading

Hola VPN

Improve internet and unblock sites blocked

Hola is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) access and cross-platform that has a goal very ambitious, to make the Internet 10 times faster : of course we are far from this goal, but a slight improvement in the performance of the Internet we still got in these days of testing, we see in detail what offers this service.

Hola can be installed on PCstablets and smartphones increasing the connection speed using the P2P network: the contents displayed by each user (part of the P2P network) are stored in acache and served to another user, the same area, which you need to display those same content. Continue Reading

Google Search

Improve Google search using the advanced search operators

Google is undoubtedly the best search engine in the world and the data on its spread is demonstrated: it is used by 9 out of 10 users; sometimes, however, it may happen that the super algorithm used by Google to classify and provide the most relevant results did not satisfy us completely, not showing the necessary information to us or providing too many results to comb through and exclude individually. Continue Reading