A computer all in one with Remix OS? AOC is the first to launch

AOC all in one

Which Android was originally designed to sneak into mobile devices, it is a fact, but has been trying to get where it could; it is also a fact less successful. For computers not present a particularly interesting interface, fortunately there are people who have been working on their own versions, as in the case of Remix OS.

It is one of the most ambitious to bring the Google operating system to the computer, leaving aside proposals convergence that may occur with Chrome OS, but products that support the platform difficult to advance. For AOC has decided to launch a computer all in one with Remix OS.

AOC all in one
Image Source: Google Image

You can imagine, or view images; we are facing an embedded computer on a screen of 23.8 inches with Full HD resolution – not touch -. We cannot ask wonders in power, because the heart of this machine is a Amlogic S905 (quad -core ARM Cortex-A42) with 2GB of RAM. It’s the same hardware that uses the small desktop Unuiga.

Let us choose little configuration, the system is quite closed in this, just being able to choose between 16 or 64GB of internal storage. As for ports, we see a pair of HDMI connectors, four USB ports and an Ethernet connector.

Simple hardware to give intelligence to monitor

From the software point of view, commenting that Remix OS adds some items to fit your new home, such as a taskbar, a menu with notifications and settings, the desktop with windows where Android applications run. For those who had doubts, the system is ready to work with mouse and keyboard.

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Like it or not, this is the philosophy of simple computer that people need to Jide Remix OS platform, which also should be noted in the final price of the equipment. Possibly the difference between buying a monitor of these features with or without Remix OS is quite small in price, so it can be interesting to have a “smart” monitor, without having to ‘hooking’ no other source for it to work.

No further information on departure AOC team – specialist monitors – either on prices, but has all the earmarks that will come out first in China this summer, with Remix OS in version 2.0. Visit http://reviewsgang.com/ for more tech news.