If looking for a robot to take care of your home but also look like a toy, Riley is the solution


The domestic robots are not new, they are of different prices and features, which makes us several options available to us depending on our needs, which can range from a robot companion, even a nurse robot that dispenses drugs but there are those who simply are a toy like the case of the famous BB-8 Sphero, or having toy capabilities but also offer the bonus of learning to program as Cozmo.

What we now know is a new variant in this type of robots, as it seems a nice toy, but behind his harmless looking there are a security tool that will help us take care of the house, pets and even children and the elderly, let’s meet Riley.

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The classic security camera is now a robot

There are several options in safety devices for home, but certainly one of the most popular is the security camera that may well be with recording locally, or IP to connect to it remotely over the Internet; Riley plays with that idea, since its operation is based precisely on a WiFi camera.

Its design is plastic and has two wheels in track format that will allow you to get around various surfaces, camera, located on the head with vertical movement, is 5 megapixel video in Full HD (1080p) format and night vision; thanks to the internet we can access the image in real time through an app compatible with iOS and Android.

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Riley has presence sensors that during the monitoring mode will send an alert to your smartphone if movement is detected. It also has a pair of speakers and microphone, which will help us to interact through robot remotely, and will hear everything received Riley, and speaking from our smartphone our voice will be heard in your speakers.

It has a rechargeable battery and is able to detect when power is nearing completion in order to address his charging base, where you can even keep monitoring function because the base is rotating. Its price is 229 dollars and you can book on page iPatrol manufacturer.