What Is Instagram Reels and How It Works

instagram reels

Over time, Instagram has been continuously enriched with new interesting functions, which have made this application increasingly popular and used. Initially born only to share photos, Instagram has copied some functions such as the ” stories ” from Snapchat and, as the latest innovation, is now preparing to copy TikTok. This social network is becoming popular among the very young.

The new feature is called Instagram Reels and immediately generated some interest on the net. This article will see what it is, how it works, how to reel on Instagram and what prospects of advertising interest it has.

What is instagram reels?

instagram reels

Reels is a completely new way to make fun movies made up of multiple video clips, lasting up to 30 seconds, to which we can add audio, text and augmented reality effects and share them in our stories. This feature is copied from TikTok and perhaps even improved.

How it works

Going more specifically, the tools offered by Instagram to create their original “Reels” are the following:

  • The ability to insert, as a basis, any song from the Instagram library or original audio. You can also use the original audio of another reel on your own, as long as it is published from a public profile.
  • Change the video recording speed, with speeds from 0.3x, 0.5x, 1x, 2x and 3x.
  • The numerous augmented reality effects designed by the IG creator community allow the creation of always fresh and dynamic content.
  • The timer allows you to prepare your smartphone for recording clips, so you can film hands-free.
  • The align function allows you to see the subjects of previous videos to make credible videos in multiple parts (such as those in which you instantly change clothes).
  • The simple video editing tools allow you to cut a clip, insert text, and speed up and slow down the clip and simple transitions.

The video clips to create the Reels can be taken directly from your gallery or filmed directly through the Instagram app.

How to make a reel on Instagram?

The procedure is very simple and remembers the way to create Instagram Stories.

You can access and create Instagram Reels in 3 different ways:

  1. From the main Instagram screen, by clicking the icon at the top with the “+” sign enclosed by a square;
  2. From the Reels tab, by clicking on the camera symbol at the top right;
  3. From the Instagram Stories camera, scrolling down to the “Reel” item.

The interface will be very familiar to TikTok users. The tools available are similar and so is their arrangement. There will be a button to start recording in the center and on the left the tools that we have listed in the previous paragraph.

But as for the Stories, it is not necessary to shoot videos within the program, and you can press the bottom left and take other contents directly from your gallery to edit (this solution is preferable to have a better quality of the videos and shots. on Android). To create our reels, we will be able to use not only our videos but also photos and animated gifs. In short, the only limitation is your imagination.

Where can I see the reels?

The successful reels created by other users can be seen by clicking the lower central button (1), a button present on any Instagram screen always in the same position, or on the Feeds of their creators (2), as indicated in the image below for an example on the Ferrari Instagram profile:

If you have a public profile and publish a reel, you can choose whether to share them in the ” Explore ” section to get you noticed or only on your feed. When doing an audience reel, others can use the audio of your content as the basis for theirs.

Especially since Reels are shown on both the Explore page and the new Reels tab on the main navigation bar, even users who don’t follow you will see your content. This potential feature greatly expands the Reels’ communicative power and its stage, nothing better for those who offer and seek online visibility.