How to fix a cracked phone screen with toothpaste and others

How to fix a cracked phone screen with toothpaste

Everyone, even the owner of the neatest phone, faces a problem like ugly screen scratches. If it is serious defects or even cracks, buying a new phone can help, or complete screen replacement. However, what if they are cosmetic? Is it possible to remove scratches from the phone screen personally using home remedies without attending a specialized workshop? We will try to answer this question: How to fix a cracked phone screen with toothpaste in our article today.

How to fix a cracked phone screen with toothpaste?

How to fix a cracked phone screen with toothpaste

One way to remove scratches from the phone screen is to use the most common toothpaste, which can be found in almost every person in the bathroom and does not need to be purchased specifically for this purpose. Due to the abrasive properties, which help the paste clean the tooth enamel, it is possible to completely remove small scratches.

The composition is applied to the treatment site with a paper towel, soft cloth, cotton swab or soft toothbrush. For polishing, you need a pea of ​​product. We rub it gently on the damaged spot and remove the phone screen’s scratches in a circular motion.

The rubbing lasts until the scratch becomes invisible. Remember to remove any toothpaste residue from your phone using a soft, damp cloth or a damp cotton pad.

How to fix a cracked phone screen with gel paste

Another option, such as removing minor scratches on the phone screen, uses gel toothpaste instead of regular toothpaste. This option is more delicate. So let’s get started:

It is necessary to prepare or soft matter, on which a little gel toothpaste is applied.
The paste is gently rubbed over the defect site. With the help of circular motions, we remove scratches from the phone screen.
To remove the excess paste, wipe the phone with a damp cloth (the cloth is moistened with clean water).
Tools for removing scratches on cars
Car scratch removers can completely erase or minimize scratches on your phone screen.

The method of application is simple. The anti-scratch cream is applied to a cotton ball or soft cloth, which is then used to clean the phone with gentle circular motions.

Fine grit sandpaper

And it is not a joke. You just need to take out the sandpaper with the smallest grain size in advance and practice on an identical surface to practice and know specifically how to remove small scratches on your phone screen.

The essence of this method is to polish or smooth the edges of a scratch. The screen’s surface becomes concave but visually flat and without damage because the reflective edges of the scratch disappear.

Using baking soda

Soda is the cheapest way to remove scratches from your phone screen. But there is a certain sequence:

Soda and water in a 2: 1 ratio are mixed in a small bowl or cup.
Continue to mix until a thick and homogeneous paste appears.
The finished paste of water and soda is applied to a cotton swab or soft cloth used to clean the screen scratch. Rubbing is done very carefully.
The remaining excess part of the soda solution is removed with a damp cloth.
Powder for children
How can you remove the scratches from the phone screen with talcum powder? Very simple: you need to make a paste by adding a little water and use it in the same way as a soda solution.


Any vegetable oil is used to make the screen shine. A drop is enough to rub and the worn phone will shine again, at least for a while.

Glass polisher

If your phone screen is glass, you can use a glass polish (it only needs to contain cerium oxide). There are two types of such enamel: powdered and pasty. If you buy the first, then to start with, it must be diluted with water to the cream’s consistency.

For safety, it is best to protect all points with tape that can be damaged in the process, such as holes for the speaker, a connector from a charging or earphone, a camera module. If even a small amount of polish gets into any opening on the phone, it can permanently damage the device. If you plan to polish not the entire screen but only the parts with scratches, you can also glue the entire surrounding space on the phone with protective tape.

Direct application of the polish to the surface is made using a special soft polishing material with vigorous circular movements to clean the scratch. To maximize the result, it is recommended to wipe the glossy surface with a clean cloth every half minute – the reviews say. It is not necessary to press hard and hard on the surface during processing. After all, the polish has an abrasive function and can contribute to the appearance of other scratches.

To complete the job, you need to wipe the entire smartphone with a clean, dry polishing material to finally get rid of all dirt stains and excess polish.

Deeper scratches and cracks

How to remove deep scratches from the phone screen? Of course, all of the above methods will not completely remove severe screen damage and deep cracks, but at least they will be able to make them less noticeable, and thus the screen will no longer look so dreary. Cracks and similar defects cannot be completely eliminated.

Before using any of the above methods to deal with scratches, you need to determine exactly which phone model screen is plastic or glass. If the instructions with the description of the gadget have not been preserved, you can use the description of your device in online stores or on the official site’s page. Determining the screen surface composition will help you choose the right material for treating the damaged surface.

The demand and popularity of mobile devices are very high today, so the specialty of repairing phones, and especially displays, is quite in demand and widespread. This means that in the absence of free time and willingness to take risks, you try to overcome your phone’s unpresentable appearance. You just have to contact a repair shop that provides such service and has experience removing screen scratches. However, it is better not to chase a low price in this situation but to contact a reliable specialized service center.

Suppose you have one of the latest smartphone models. In that case, you should also find out if the screen and the protective function also have an oleophobic coating, which makes the process of using the phone more comfortable and pleasant. If there is such a coating, it is better to completely abandon or use all abrasive polishing materials as carefully as possible to not risk and damage the oleophobic layer. After all, using such a phone after abrasive processing will be less comfortable.

o, we figured out how to remove scratches from your smartphone. As you can see, there are many ways to get rid of defects. And all are easily repeated at home without experience.

According to statistics, cracks appearing on the screen due to not too careful handling of mobile gadgets are the most common reason for contacting workshops. And that’s not surprising because the display is the infamous Achilles heel for any mobile phone, even the most expensive and eminent. What to do if the screen is broken on the touchscreen phone? Let’s find out together.