Top mobile apps not only for entertainment

iCloud Drive

The high number of applications, however, does not facilitate the work of users who very often are confused about which app to install. Videogames, productivity, weather, maps, for each genre at least a dozen applications are available, all extremely valid and with different functionalities. If you are not a great smartphone expert, you must always read the various features or rely on a guide on the best apps on the store. Not always the application with the greatest number of positive reviews is the best, often the ideal solution is hidden in the middle of “the bush”. Here we have collected top mobile apps you should download not only for entertainment but maybe essential …


Surely it is not the most famous application to exchange messages, but it is certainly among the safest. We are talking about Signal, an Android application that makes the security of data exchanged by the user its main mantra. Spotlight lights lit up around one of the best instant messaging apps when Edward Snowden, the NSA computer scientist who became famous for Datagate, admitted on Twitter to use Signal every day. The app uses an end-to-end encryption system that ensures maximum privacy for users.

iCloud Drive


Keeping track of your monthly expenses is not easy, especially if you are not a finance expert. Monefy is a money manager that allows users to record all purchases made and understand whether or not the budget available is available. The operation is very simple: when you make a transaction, simply add the total expense to the application and specify what you purchased. To understand how the money was spent during the month, Monefy also provides a pie chart with all the purchases divided by category and their “percentage weight” in the monthly budget. One of the best free apps for Android.

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Live streaming and betting

We are not talking about any specific apps but it’s one of the main resource of entertainment and earn money with apps. Having the chance to bet live on any market by following all the live streaming events from your smartphone would be pure utopia. In fact, in most cases the best betting apps provides live betting and streaming services. In this regard it is always good to check the live schedule to understand which matches are played. It will be transmitted in real time. However, this small inconvenience is found exclusively in live and in streaming, while the whole pre match schedule is proposed in equal measure to what you find when you browse from your laptop browser.

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Application developed by Foursquare, Swarm is much less famous than the “mother app”, but it has some very interesting features. In fact, Swarm allows you to find out if any of our friends are in the vicinity and if you want to go out. You can contact him directly from the application and find out where he is. Furthermore, you can check in to inform your friends which bar or pub you will be attending that evening. Thanks to a very nice user interface, Swarm is the easiest way to find out where to go out at night with your friends.

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It is not a simple application to use, but once you learn the tricks of the trade you will not be able to do without it. Tasker allows you to automate your Android smartphone: just create the command to run, the time and day and the application will do it without any problem. The user can choose from over 200 tasks already present in the Tasker database or create new ones according to his needs. Using a smartphone has never been so simple, fast and fun.