This strip of “intelligent” foam rubber want to replace your keyboard

Strip of intelligent foam

Write from the phone keypad is not too comfortable, and this task becomes virtually impossible if the screen is reduced to the size of a smartwatch. What if you want to write something while you’re using virtual reality glasses? External keyboards are a solution in some of these cases, but in Tap go further and believe they have found the most versatile keyboard possible: a strip of foam with sensors inside.

Strip of intelligent foam
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The strip, with the way that you can see in the picture, is placed in a hand only introducing the fingers of the same in the corresponding hole, and connects to any device that supports Bluetooth keyboards connected. Each “tap” or pulsation is associated with a letter or symbol different. The operation can be seen in the following video:

Ran Poliakine, CEO of Tap also known as the founder of Powermat Technologies Inc says that its peculiar keyboard has an accuracy of 99%. To achieve this, though, is a necessary learning process with the application of the company, which teaches you exactly how to “type” each of the 31 possible combinations.According to what he says Poliakine, in most cases this trial period does not exceed the hour.

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The idea is that the user makes typing gesture, each corresponding specific combination of fingers drumming a symbol or letter. It is flexible and portable, but still does not have great autonomy: according to official specifications, each strip battery lasts about four hours running or 72 hours standby, after which you will be playing for about three hours to recharge.

For now, Tap is undergoing testing with only a select group of users, but is expected to hit the market in late 2016 at a price that has not yet transpired. Visit for more tech tips.