Logitech MX Keys

Logitech MX Keys: The essential keyboard

Do you remember Logitech Craft?  It is a keyboard launched a couple of years ago, which has the peculiarity of having a programmable wheel on top of the keyboard itself, which you can associate with various functions depending on the program used. So take this keyboard, deprive it to change the color a bit, and you will have MX Keys, a new model launched a few months ago, which is not exactly “new”. Continue Reading

Strip of intelligent foam

This strip of “intelligent” foam rubber want to replace your keyboard

Write from the phone keypad is not too comfortable, and this task becomes virtually impossible if the screen is reduced to the size of a smartwatch. What if you want to write something while you’re using virtual reality glasses? External keyboards are a solution in some of these cases, but in Tap go further and believe they have found the most versatile keyboard possible: a strip of foam with sensors inside. Continue Reading