This instrument evolves IoT device with internet access and support IFTTT

IoT device

For several decades the endaural or ear hearing aid has been a device widely used by people with hearing weaknesses and even deafness, but it’s funny how over the years the design and operation has remained almost intact, with slight improvements to a decrease in size and better sound amplification, but it is basically the same device.

Now the London – based company Oticon has taken this design and adapted it new elements to make it all a connected device, a device that not only help with hearing people, but also alert to possible dangers through recipes based on IFTTT thanks to your Internet connection.

IoT device
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Oticon OPN headset connected

OPN is a hearing aid equipped with technology TwinLink, developed by Oticon, which will have the same battery life without sacrificing size, but with WiFi connectivity, which will serve to set up alerts and notifications easily automated using recipes Steam 7’s summer or connections direct IoT devices.

By making this setting, the user can know when someone is ringing the bell, detect movements from a security camera, if the baby monitor is activated when a smoke alarm is ringing, when you get a notification to the smartphone, and even be may answer calls right from the headset, as well as many other tasks depending on the needs.

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Another important in this hearing OPN improvement is that it has an electronic microphone able to analyze sound up to 100 times per second according to its creators, which allow the person to identify the sources of sound, eliminating background noise so you can continue conversations between several people even in noisy places.

Oticon has not mentioned so far price or availability, nor the full specifications of this hearing are known, something that could help us understand how all tasks that promises to work, so I just stayed with what he says the company expects to have more information.