The Samsung Galaxy S7 will become a reality in the Mobile World Congress, did you expect?

Samsung Galaxy S7

Which is illuminated in the bucket is clearly a seven the number you evolve this year it’s up to the family Galaxy S Samsung. Yesterday I overtook the possibility through leaks, is now the Korean company itself that is forced to say that it is true that its new flagship will be presented on February 21.

A new event ‘Unpacked’ is dated on the calendar, and takes place on a Sunday, a day before the Mobile World Congress 2016 begins. With the mantra of “The Next Galaxy” We hope to find more than one phone, at least a couple of variants – normal and edge – for the Galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7
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There are two important dates for Samsung throughout the year; it is when you are making the renewal of Galaxy S, and another when does the same with the Galaxy Note. The second tends to happen at some time close to September, while the former seems to come on a bit this year. So much to say that on March 11 it would start to sell, but this is now no more than a rumor.

The filter looks for a couple of days, if so, is not expected to be significant changes in design…

In all the pools appear phones that keep super got line in the current generation, but things like the return of microSD, pressure sensitive screens, USB-C connector, or expected premiere of the new Exynos Octa 8890 (or variant Snapdragon 820).

Viewing video can sense that there is something more, something that has to do with virtual reality, and who have given enough prominence to Gear VR on footage of 14 seconds:

Galaxy S7, do you expect?

We have the clear date, and as always, generate buzz, but we believe that unless what once happened. So it seems that Apple is under pressure and you cannot continue to grow with its most important phones, the market begins to look to other things and the demand for Galaxy S down as the years progress.

They cannot reinvent the wheel every year; it is not easy to maintain interest…

The market for high-end phones seems saturated, and Samsung itself made clear in its latest financial results was needed to introduce innovative products that make differences, if they wanted to continue to maintain the lead.

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I think that’s what they have achieved with Edge, but another thing is that the market is willing to change mobile every year, which is highly valued curve. There are elements beyond the design that could be improved on new computers, especially those having to do with autonomy, and certainly appreciate buyers would know better.

Clearly, the iPhone and high-end phones have their place, and the cycle of renewal, but where it really is no business in emerging markets, where affordable and capable solutions are sought. Chinese companies like Huawei have been able to read the market very well, with a very well balanced global catalog, thinking about everyone. Perhaps the greatest efforts should be lower ranges.

Possibly the best news for the market hoping to buy these products is that the renewal produces a price drop on older models. Closing the note with the protagonist of the story, say you really do not expect a revolution with the Galaxy S7, rather a rounder phone.