Smart Mirror Android created by Google programmer

Google programmer used his free time to develop their own Android-based smart mirror; moreover, in his blog he published the details of the materials used. More information below.

Android is in almost any type of device: smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, smart cars, smart watches, among others.

The recent CES showed us just one more product that carries ‘intelligence’ or technology: the mirrors. Since these smart mirrors are possible not only to view information such as weather, date and time or a few headlines but also prove in real time as we would some kind of makeup, hair, etc.

Smart Mirror Android created by Google programmer

Other features of these mirrors are the ability to know the traffic in our town, we see the text messages that come to us and emails.

The Google software engineer Max Braun wanted to develop its own smart mirror and did it with relative ease.

The development was possible with a two-way mirror, a display that incorporates a panel of only one millimeter which was inserted between the faces of the mirror. All this is connected to a plate Fire TV and based on programming for Android is able to show relevant content on the screens.

On the back of the mirror, it is where you can see all the necessary hardware which consists of a single plate practically reduced in size.

The developer indicates that this all did in his spare time and does not intend to market the product. However, this story has a happy ending because Max Braun published details of its development so that we can do it ourselves.

Details about smart mirror based on Android

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