Dell has a new and huge 70-inch touch screen monitor with support for Chrome OS


In early 2015, Microsoft surprised with the announcement of a huge computer all-in-one with Windows 10 on TV 84 inch format, it was clear that the Microsoft Surface Hub was not for everyone, first by price and then by his bearings capabilities to heavy use in conference rooms of large corporations.

At that time the format drew attention as a device with these characteristics and possibilities could be accommodated in the educational field, and that is precisely what Dell thought, who is now presenting a huge touch screen monitor with everything you need to collaborate and all with large display.

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Interactive Monitor for Dell C7017T conference

This new monitor Dell (C7017T) is intended for conference rooms and schools where you can take advantage of its large size, has an LCD panel 70 inches with a special coating to reduce glare and fingerprints, its maximum resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels of and has the ability to identify up to 10 touch points.

It includes two stylus that help you be more precise when interacting with the monitor, which have a magnetic system to be placed in the frames of the screen and have them always at hand, a system that is also integrated into the control for better control .

Of course it has all the posts needed to connect to computers, projectors, phones and even the Internet itself, as an HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, Ethernet, serial RS232, Bluetooth and USB support Plug & Play to add accessories immediately.

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But certainly more interesting part is its support to the new educational platform ‘Dell Classroom’, which is based on Chrome OS and can transfer all work and projects that take into Google Classroom, which will be compatible with this monitor without need to install anything extra, you only need internet access and enter the platform to work with everything you have stored in Dell Classroom.

The new Dell C7017T monitor will be available in the coming weeks at a price to be announced later, which will not believe that it will be cheap.