The Intel Core i7-6950x will have 10 cores: Who needs them?

Intel Core i7-6950x

Have leaked details of which will be the next Intel: the Core i7-6950x Extreme Edition is the most powerful processor of the firm and will be based on the Broadwell architecture of 14 NM, but mostly headlined by a facet: it will have 10 cores and support 20 simultaneous threads of execution.

Do we need so much power? That’s what the question is a truly prodigious CPU in this section only will benefit the most demanding in all its magnitude. And watch out, because it will not be a good choice for gamers.

Intel Core i7-6950x
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Games are not the fate of these micros

Filtration has escaped the Intel itself, which has revealed its existence in its Management Engine software on the website of manufacturer support. In that list showed both its 25MB of L3 cache and a clock frequency of Turbo mode can reach 3.5 GHz.

The working frequency base these nuclei will be 3 GHz as those leaked specifications, and will be lower than other high – end micros precisely in order to accommodate a large number of nuclei.

Such processors are not ideal for games, where precisely what is rewarded is the best performance in a single thread of execution, and where to get the maximum clock frequency on that (or those) core is usually much more relevant.

Who needs 10 cores then?

This processor will be part of the Broadwell-E family in which we will have the Core i7-6800 and Core i7-6900 series of 6, 8 and 10 cores (and twice as threads thanks to Hyper-Threading technology) and that will be compatible with socket LGA2011v3 for example advantage motherboards with Intel X99 Express chipset.

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Is likely to hold the next Computex, not these processors are officially submitted, nor the price at which they appear is unknown but is likely to Intel even exceed that $ 999 normally reserved for the most powerful micros each renewal of its catalog .

Clearly these CPUs are aimed at scenarios where precisely we can take advantage of this great offer parallels those 10 cores. Here applications more targeted to the world of workstations are those that normally take the best advantage of these solutions: image processing, design and 3D animation are classic examples, but it is also an interesting CPU for servers, as many tasks servants like the web- servers themselves can take advantage of these multi-threaded processes. For more Review visit