Surviving RankBrain: SEO essentials for 2016

Google has always used algorithms to root out low-quality websites and irrelevant pages from its search results; however, the emergence of RankBrain has changed the SEO world for good.

Surviving RankBrain

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RankBrain is a new system that will analyse sites for relevance, giving every page a score between one and 10, with one being a dubious result and 10 being strong. As Forbes reports, it is not an algorithm update but a whole new modification aiming to produce more meaningful results for the user.

AdWords experts

The technology in RankBrain is close to that of Google AdWords Quality Score, an intelligent software that did not need external links to rank paid search ads for relevance. Organic search will soon also be able to do this through the artificial intelligence of RankBrain.

Consequently, AdWords Quality Score experts such as Northern Ireland SEO agency Ryco Web can apply the same tactics to dealing with RankBrain and help you to negotiate the new hurdles that the RankBrain technology is bringing to organic SEO.

Key strategies

According to Search Engine Land, RankBrain is the third-most important factor in ranking a website; however, RankBrain’s relevance scores will become the most important ranking factor by late 2018. If relevance scores are similar to the AdWords Quality Score, you can see how an SEO agency in Northern Ireland, Europe or worldwide can use their expertise in this area to manage this new difficulty.

Beating the Quality Score algorithm is all about bettering the expected click-through rate (CTR) for a given ad spot. CTRs vary by time of day, location and many other factors; however, the better your ad does in comparison to the expected CTR, the higher your Quality Score.

Google also knows all about your site’s conversion rates, and RankBrain will assume that any site with high task completion rates has relevant content. You need to aim to have higher than expected engagement metrics in addition to better than anticipated CTR to get great organic search visibility with RankBrain in charge.

One way to do this is by improving the ways in which your site descriptions and title grab the attention of the searcher, or by promoting your site heavily to your target market with social ads. Brand recognition will up your CTRs dramatically, with these clicks also more likely to convert.