Contact lenses with built-in camera? At this point the new Samsung patent

Contact lenses

Developments that seek to create an evolution in contact lenses are not new, for several years we have seen how the concept of “smart contact lens” has arisen occasionally where Google has introduced a pair of patents and specifications, as other companies such as the case of Microsoft. Visit for more tips.

In most cases, these projects seek to offer improvements in the quality of life of patients with poor visibility, as well as for diabetics or those requiring a constant measurement of a parameter within a treatment, but has now come to Interestingly light a patent speaks of a lens with built-in camera that would be developed by Samsung.

Contact lenses
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A future under augmented reality

This week, the patent office in South Korea will just give Samsung a patent that is called “method of manufacture and operation of smart contact lenses for augmented reality”, which summarized is a pair of lenses that would benefit from a screen, a camera, antenna and various sensors.

The sensors would be responsible for detecting movement of the eye and eyelid, this would serve as input method to activate functions, for example, flashing could only take pictures or activate the screen to see related to what they are seeing our eyes content.

Although the screen of the lens would project images directly into the eye, we need to be connected to another device that would serve as a platform for content that is transmitted to the lens, in this case a smartphone, which would be responsible to process all the information.

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Interestingly this is not something new, it has been reported that Samsung has been working on this project since 2014, so it might even match the trademark “Gear Blink” presented the same year, a brand that is currently registered in Korea and the United States.

So far it is unknown when we could see these lenses on the market, or if it ever will see, and to remember that a patent does not guarantee that we will see a product with these characteristics, however, is very attractive to have a accessory of this kind, it would be like an interesting evolution to the idea that Google filed with Glass.