Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla and drones imagined in 1898, both for deliveries and for combat

Nikola Tesla was a genius and a man ahead of his time. He not only managed to change the world with revolutionary inventions like the radio (although it emerged simultaneously in several different countries) or alternating current, but their imagination allowed him ahead of his time predicting the creation of TV or wireless phones.

But he did not stay there, because as has discovered the technologist Matthew Schroyer delving into its patents, inventor, engineer and physicist Serbian also described the current combat drones. He spoke of them as machines or boats that could be remotely controlled, and sow peace in the world thanks to its destructive power. Continue Reading

The Icon A5

The Icon A5 is the amazing seaplane with folding wings we all want to have

The planes are clear protagonists of integrating new technologies into their designs, but there is a model in this field was particularly awaited by fans of air sports. This is the Icon A5, a monoplane seaplane high wing that has become their first days of production.

One of its most striking features is being able to take off and land both on water and on land, but it adds an interesting design with folding wings and the fact that they say is one of the easiest aircraft to pilot the world. Continue Reading

Facebook Live

Facebook Live want to broadcast live video from any device … even drones

Be a drone, a mobile phone or any device with a camera and Internet connectivity: Facebook wants your videos and want already. That is the best summary of the bet by the video that Mark Zuckerberg presented today at the F8 developer conference Internet giant.

A few days ago we warned that Facebook seriously put on the live video and wanted Facebook Live compete one on one with Periscope and other dedicated solutions to streaming video in real time. Continue Reading