Print a 3D car and sell it will be possible in 2016, puts Siemens ingredients

Print a 3D car

Print 3D car is something that every day seems closer; at least they want to sell the business people of Siemens and Local Motors. Last year taught us much of its work with a vehicle called LM3D Swim.

With the idea of producing cars faster and achieve lower costs, the two companies try to introduce 3D printing business. They also ensure that your creation system comes with a lower risk of failure, allows greater customization in products and finishes, and is also responsible to the environment (special printing techniques, completely recyclable materials).

Print a 3D car
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Embracing the Industry 4.0

This whole process comprised of innovative solutions they put in a concept called Industry 4.0, which are nothing but new ways of organizing the means of production, making them smarter. In this case we talk about creating a piece in particular, but to raise all necessary so that the car is practically created with printing technologies tools.

First we develop programs that create the designs that Siemens PLM Software is responsible, and the main product is Solid Edge, software for computer – aided design with which Local Motors has shaped the vehicle before I have quoted.

Local Motors is also committed to other programs aided design of the Germans, like the Siemens NX, plus Fibersim, a portfolio of software for engineering composite materials. Without wanting to delve too much on industry processes, there are two interesting concepts that introduce us in creating components, in order to predict and optimize their performance in the physical world:

  • Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM). With it parts are produced directly from 3D models, saving considerable time between design and production, simplifying the redesign.
  • Virtual twin, it is software technologies designed by Siemens in which virtual models are created accurately represent the form, function and performance of a product.

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Sell a car printed in 2016

The idea is that both companies have created the first vehicle so singular is sold this year – at the end – though not a global or a major roll, they want to put the medal with the LM3D Swim. As anticipated at the time, we could expect a price close to $ 50,000.

But the main objective behind the work of Local Motors does not seem to make a fortune selling cars print, rather explore the technology and sell it to third – party manufacturers who need this kind of progress. In the industry there are very curious to see how they spend this kind of creations demanding endurance tests.

The vehicle already see, it looks like a buggy – which sleeps four people – with the upper pool, but we can expect many shapes and designs with design flexibility that gives 3D printing. It is built on the basis of a BMW i3, and is working for propulsion is fully electric.