Android Launcher

The Best Android launcher

We begin with a minor problem: a “launcher” is an application that deals with mediating the relationship user-device, or allows you to have a “home” custom where you can see the list of all applications (and widgets) installed in your device and use them obviously.

There is hundreds of different launcher to carry out their task more or less well, and among them it is just to choose what is right for you. Now let’s see together some of the best Android launcher (in our humble opinion) that you can download easily and for free from the Play Store. Continue Reading

Android Keyboards

The best alternative keyboards for Android

You are looking for an alternative to the keyboard pre-installed in your device? This article is just for you!

Let’s start by answering the question: Why change the keyboard? There are many answers, for example searching for a app alternative because  the system keyboard is too small , does not have the support to increasingly use emoji, or simply do not like the style of keyboard and we want one that is suited to our. Continue Reading