LG goes buttons and the fingerprint sensor hides behind the screen

LG fingerprint sensor

No turning back with biometric sensors, will accompany us on mobile devices, in virtually all price levels. Mobile phones are those who have made the most important advance by placing the fingerprint recognition on its surface, but as with everything, there is much room for improvement.

It seems that in operation has reached a very good level in speed and quality, but possibly in design has to give some over the matter. Some manufacturers like to place them in the back of the terminal, others sent to the front in the lower zone, and we have even seen cases where the sensor is on the side of the phone. LG is committed to do practically invisible to our sight and touch.

LG fingerprint sensor
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“Cleaner design and better protection are the two points you want to evaluate LG with its new development”

A widespread resource is placing a button, you can activate or not, or immerse them in a specially demarcated area, but LG Innotek consider that the sensor can be embedded in the own screen of the phone. They do this by creating a module having a depth of only 0.3 millimeters.

That said, the sensor is under the protection of the screen without any element that warn us there is. LG ensures that the position does not interfere in the recognition quality; under the glass still has the same characteristics as a button dedicated to their tasks.

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The Korean company believes introduce this element in that position means not only a cleaner design also helps make phone resistant to water, also against scratches. The sensor is protected as a result.

There is still no announcement of its actual appearance on the market, or what will be the first phone to use the module. It has all the earmarks that is not a unique component of LG and their phones, and they end up selling it to other manufacturers. The idea does not look bad for an upcoming iPhone, or a new LG G, right?