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Graphic design and marketing, in the creation of a website

To make a website successful the combination graphics and texts is absolutely essential.

While the lyrics are important, that you must take into account the keywords and a whole set that design the decisive part of the texts SEO oriented, it is equally true that the graphic design that supports the site must be equally appealing for a site is visited and positioned in an optimal manner.

Top 5 best browser for Android

Who among us can give up a web experience pleasant and complete?

It happens every day to anyone with a smartphone or tablet to have to look for information on the web, but this is not always a good practice because maybe the pages load slowly or because you do not have a very fast connection, well, for this reason I selected the five best browser for Android (free) and can be downloaded directly from the Play Store.

Improve internet and unblock sites blocked

Hola is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) access and cross-platform that has a goal very ambitious, to make the Internet 10 times faster : of course we are far from this goal, but a slight improvement in the performance of the Internet we still got in these days of testing, we see in detail what offers this service.

Hola can be installed on PCstablets and smartphones increasing the connection speed using the P2P network: the contents displayed by each user (part of the P2P network) are stored in acache and served to another user, the same area, which you need to display those same content.

The Best Android launcher

We begin with a minor problem: a “launcher” is an application that deals with mediating the relationship user-device, or allows you to have a “home” custom where you can see the list of all applications (and widgets) installed in your device and use them obviously.

There is hundreds of different launcher to carry out their task more or less well, and among them it is just to choose what is right for you. Now let’s see together some of the best Android launcher (in our humble opinion) that you can download easily and for free from the Play Store.

The best alternative keyboards for Android

You are looking for an alternative to the keyboard pre-installed in your device? This article is just for you!

Let’s start by answering the question: Why change the keyboard? There are many answers, for example searching for a app alternative because  the system keyboard is too small , does not have the support to increasingly use emoji, or simply do not like the style of keyboard and we want one that is suited to our.

Improve Google search using the advanced search operators

Google is undoubtedly the best search engine in the world and the data on its spread is demonstrated: it is used by 9 out of 10 users; sometimes, however, it may happen that the super algorithm used by Google to classify and provide the most relevant results did not satisfy us completely, not showing the necessary information to us or providing too many results to comb through and exclude individually.

Solar Charger 5000mAh

Start talking about the size of this solar charger: 14.2 cm long, 7.5 in width and 1.36 in height for a total of about 150 g; we can compare (height apart), approximately a smartphone 5″.

The charger is composed of a battery of 5000 mAh powered by a solar panel by 1.2 W or alternatively by means of electrical energy, as a normal smartphone. In the first case, the battery takes about 13 hours to fully chargethe second takes from 5 to 7 hours However, in the instructions it is recommended not to load only and exclusively under the sun, especially if it is very strong. 

ZGPAX S28, the economic Smartwatch

We took one Smartwatch from GearBest to give it to our readers, but first I wanted to get my hands on for a few days just to give an idea of the functionality and performance.


In addition to Smartwatch, in the box we find the user manual, earphones, USB cable and charger. The latter, unfortunately, has the power plug is not American and this adapter. However, it is rechargeable via USB via PC, but more about that later.


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