We not yet familiarized ourselves with 3D printing and 3D printing comes the new levitation

3D Printing

Almost every day we hear of a new advance in 3D printing, which has managed to sneak in a lot of disciplines and fields, offering a versatility that puts us in a wide range of possibilities, and with it you can do virtually everything from dentures, parts, to cars, artificial organs, medicines and buildings.

It is a reality that 3D printing is here to stay, and now only need to finish maturing and is available to anyone, but this does not mean that this technology cannot continue to evolve, on the contrary, maturity only means that it is now able to take the next step and that is new 3D printers while floating objects.Continue reading →

Microsoft Windows cancel Bridge for Android: Final goodbye to Astoria project

About a year ago Microsoft surprised us with two projects were aimed at improving the software catalog of its mobile platform: the so – called Project Astoria and Project Islandwood gave developers the tools to move applications from Android and iOS to Windows -respectively- 10 facilitating such programmers offer their applications and games also on Windows devices.Continue reading →

Remix Pro, so the prototype with which Jide wants to settle the future of OS Remix

Remix OS

Although in recent months Jide has been making enough noise with its operating system OS Remix, the company has not come to the Mobile World Congress 2016 with its own stand. However, that does not mean they are not present, and in fact we could chat with them both stand Wolder as in ARM.

While Wolder, the first European partner Jide, represents the near future of Remix OS to be showing what will be the first device to launch with this system over the next few months. He has been on the stand of ARM as we can see what are your long-term plans, which are materialized with a prototype of what could be your next device manufactured in: the Jide Ultra Tablet.Continue reading →

“Our dream is to make the Raspberry Pi in PCs for everyone” Interview with Eben Upton

About a year ago, we read a interview of Eben Upton, the creator of Raspberry Pi. At that time, we reviewed the launch of Raspberry Pi 2 and that, the next steps of this project.

A year later we wanted to go to new questions to put to this time are especially focused on new Raspberry Pi Zero, version “minimalist” is that if RPI were not already- a concept that remains pillar of the movement maker and it has also influenced significantly in certain areas of education.Continue reading →

LG double camera and screen new phones specialist: X cam and X screen

Normally we do not devote much space to feature phones, unless they have special things to offer us, and in the case of the new LG no cloth to cut. Koreans have decided to anticipate some artillery for the Mobile Word Congress 2016: LG X and LG X screen cam.

There the star will be the LG G5, but smaller models help us understand the way of the company, even ahead of some detail that will share. Both phones are part of this powerful midrange is growing strong in the market, and both have some detail that makes it special compared to the competition.Continue reading →

Apple and sabotage blessed by the user


These days we learned the philosophy railway Apple could have negative effects for many users again. If you’ve had to repair the Home button on your iPhone 6 and 6S and you did an unofficial service, you’ll end up with a phone brick to upgrade to the new version of iOS in September.

Those responsible for Apple gave a coherent argument about an unofficial service that button repaired compromised the security of Touch ID sensor. For many users, however, the problem is not that the official Apple service can charge more than one unofficial for repair: the problem is that for many people there is no official Apple center nearby and have to go to these alternative services.Continue reading →

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will become a reality in the Mobile World Congress, did you expect?

Samsung Galaxy S7

Which is illuminated in the bucket is clearly a seven the number you evolve this year it’s up to the family Galaxy S Samsung. Yesterday I overtook the possibility through leaks, is now the Korean company itself that is forced to say that it is true that its new flagship will be presented on February 21.

A new event ‘Unpacked’ is dated on the calendar, and takes place on a Sunday, a day before the Mobile World Congress 2016 begins. With the mantra of “The Next Galaxy” We hope to find more than one phone, at least a couple of variants – normal and edge – for the Galaxy S7.Continue reading →