Edifier W820BT: Bluetooth headphones that go with you everywhere

The beginning of summer vacations is a good time to get good wireless headphones, which come in handy to enjoy the music we like the most while we travel. In addition to offering incredible autonomy, the Edifier W820BT is one of the best value for money models.

Edifier W820BT, ready for long listening

We are facing over- ear headband headphones, especially the taste of the most sybarite ears, which demand an audio rich in frequency range and with high power. These helmets are prepared for long listening. Apart from their closed design, they are made of padded materials to offer maximum comfort. Its ear pads have memory effect, which makes them easily adapt to the ear and can achieve maximum comfort.

Adjustable and foldable

These Edifier W820BT headphones can be folded for storage in any backpack or bag.

Regarding the headband of these Edifier W820BT headphones, comment that it is a type of flexible steel, which will allow the shape of the head to be adjusted without problems, so that you can use them as long as you need. To facilitate their transport we can fold them to store them in any backpack or bag.

Edifier W820BT

Controls and ports

In the right cup, in addition to a microUSB port for charging and an integrated microphone hole, you will find several physical buttons that will give you the opportunity to control everything that has to do with your music, without having to use the mobile. You can increase and decrease the volume, move from one track to another, or resume and pause playback. In the left earphone, it incorporates a jack for audio, but you want to use it with Bluetooth technology.

Sound quality

On the other hand, inside these Edifier W820BT 40 mm drivers are “hidden”, which ensure a faithful and quality sound. The truth is that they behave perfectly, especially in musical genres where rhythm is the main character. These headphones have a sensitivity of 100 dB and an impedance of 32 ohms. According to the manufacturer, the frequency response ranges from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, which means that they are going to give us a serious hit.

Bluetooth connectivity with CSR chip

These Edifier headphones are equipped with Bluetooth v4.1 connectivity with CSR chip. This is going to translate into a high quality and lossless audio stream. Although what will determine the quality of the wireless sound are the supported profiles, which include the well-known A2DP.

Edifier W820BT


But without a doubt the best thing about these Edifier W820BT headphones is that it will allow you to listen to music for 80 hours in a row, thanks to its dual battery system.

The best thing about these Edifier headphones is that they will allow you to listen to music for 80 hours in a row.

If your budget reaches you, you will surely prefer the Edifier W860NB, helmets that in addition to BT 4.1, have NFC and an active noise cancellation system (ANC). These headphones use the Qualcomm aptXTM audio decoder and offer 45 hours of autonomy in Bluetooth mode without ANC.

Technical specifications of the Edifier W820BT

Driver 40mm NdFeB
Bluetooth Bluetooth V4.1
Supported Profiles HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP
Frequency response 20 – 20000 Hz
Impedance 32Ω
Pressure level 100dB
Autonomy 80 hours
Weight 260 grams
Colors Black, Gray, Red and White

You can buy the Edifier W820BT at Amazon, where you have them with free shipping. In PCC, they are available at a great price. AliExpress is another online store that sells them, with a 16% discount. Banggood also offers them, with the possibility of paying them with different forms of payment, including PayPal.


  • They are foldable
  • They offer 80 hours of autonomy
  • Quality sound
  • Bluetooth v4.1 connectivity with CSR chip
  • They can also be used with cable


  • It has no active noise cancellation function
  • It also does not have a cover to transport them