Most watched Shows like Vikings

Vikings, has been for many, the best historical series. With a perfect combination of history, drama and war, this series offers us a plot that, together with its protagonist, envelops us more and more with each chapter. And since it has already come to an end, we want to recommend 7 series like Vikings that, although they did not replace it, will fill the void of our Viking hearts.

Shows like vikings that you must see

Shows like VikingsVikings was characterized by being a series faithful to its historical plot, narrating real events in times when transcendental processes were developed for countries such as England, Denmark and France.

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Here we present 7 shows like Vikings and that will surely catch you as much as Ragnar did.

1- The Last Kingdom

Born Saxon but raised Danes, Uhtred grows up as a warrior. Soon he loses his family again, this time Danish, and in an attempt to regain his real estate and the assets that rightfully belong to him, he must choose between his country of birth and the people who raised him. What Uhtred does not expect is that he will be divided between two enemy worlds.

Without a doubt, The Last Kingdom is one of the series most similar to Vikings because it tells historical events where we can also see emblematic confrontations.

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2- Marco Polo

After undertaking a long journey throughout Europe, Marco is given as a tribute by his father to the Khan of the Mongol Empire Kublai Khan. From this moment on, he must engage in his new life as a prisoner wherewith his cunning and fidelity he will earn a place among the Mongols.

Marco Polo gives us cunning characters who seek to conquer kingdoms with war strategies, which makes it a series very similar to Vikings.

3- Barbarians

Set in the time that gave rise to in AD 9, the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest. Barbaros follows the story of Germanic warriors, their resistance and fights against the rule of the Roman Empire. The fight is led by three Germans who in turn share a common bond creating a love triangle.

The Barbaros characters are quite comparable to the Vikings cast due to the fact that they share very similar behaviors. This undoubtedly makes it a good option if you want to see similar Vikings series.

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4. Black Sails

Black Sails follows the exploits of one of the best-known pirates, Captain Flint. Haunted by the reputation he built through his travels in West India, Flint is the inspiration of some and the fear of others. However, when he returns from his trip to New Providence Island, he must face other pirates for his survival.

5- Knightfall

Based on the legendary Knights Templar whose life mission was to protect The Holy Grail. Knightfall focuses on Sir Landry who is sent on a mission where he will have to retrieve the Holy Grail used by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper.

As we see it in Vikings, this plot is centered on a community that existed in history. Which makes Knightfall without a doubt one of the series most similar to Vikings.

6- Spartacus

Captured against his will and away from his roots and family, Spartacus is trained as a gladiator to fight the strongest rivals under the command of Lentulo Batiatus. But soon the rebellion will be imminent, and with the support of other gladiators, they plan an escape that will cost them more than one life.

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7- Roman Empire

Unlike the other series like Vikings mentioned in this count, this is a documentary that chronicles the birth, development and fall of the reign of Commodus, which marked the end of the Roman Empire.

Like Vikings, Roman Empire is one of the series that par excellence respects events in history according to the times and countries where it takes place.

Do you know of some other shows like Vikings that we should add to this count?