How To Make Boots In Minecraft?

how to make boots in minecraft

Among the parts of the armor are the Boots, which not only serve to combine all our armor because we are not talking about fashion, we are talking about Minecraft and the necessary equipment to protect the body of our character. In this article, we will teach you how to make boots in Minecraft? Boots are one of the parts that make up armor. Each part is important, so obtaining the boots is essential.

How to make boots in Minecraft?

To make boots in Minecraft, you have to have the game mode because if we play in survival mode, we will have to get the materials little by little and make each of the variants of the boots. You might read also: How to make a bucket in Minecraft

how to make boots in minecraft

To make leather boots in Minecraft (the first ones that we would use in the title), we would need “leather,” one of the most common materials, this we can obtain from the cows, horses and donkeys that we find said animals would give us 0 to 2 units of leather by removing them. Once the leather has been obtained, we will only have to take it to the work table (crafting) and place them in the slots. Let’s discover: How to make a secret door in Minecraft?

We will have obtained the leather boots

Surely we are going to want better boots so we can create iron boots. To make these boots, we will need iron ingots; To obtain these ingots, we must first get hold of the raw mineral that we will obtain from the iron ores, digging in layers 67 and below. Once the raw mineral is obtained, we will take them to the smelting furnace, where we will convert it into iron ingots which we will use to make our iron boots on the crafting table as follows:

In order to make the gold and diamond boots, the same procedure as that of the iron boots must be followed, changing only the location where each mineral is located, with layer 35 and lower being the one indicated to get gold and layer 14 and lower for To get the diamond, it should be noted that only the gold will be treated in the smelting furnace to make us with gold bars and be able to use them to make the boots, while the diamond can be used once it is extracted from the diamond ores. Another point to consider is the durability of the gold boots since despite being dazzling and tentative to have these boots, their durability is even lower than those of iron, but it is up to the taste of each player to use them, while the diamond boots are the best in the game.