Guide to Movavi Video Editor for Beginners

Movavi Video Editor allows you to performbasic post production video editing work. Video editor software is now available for everyone to use, not just the professionals who work at the movie production or television programme broadcasting studios. Usually, a professional who specialized in video editing will use a more advanced software because their job requires them to do many different video editing tricks.

Most people don’t need advanced video editing software that costs hundreds of dollars to perform some simple editing work on their videos. A simple video editor like Movavi Video Editor will do. The video editor is suitable for both small business and personal use. Movavi Video Editor features a preview area that allows you to play back the video and evaluate the video scenes to see what you can do to improve the storyline.

While reviewing the video, you can use the scissor tool to delete flawed parts to improve the story flow. It is common for people to shoot far more footage than necessary. You can shoot several versions of the same scene. In the final editing, you can see which video clips are the best you shot and merge them together into a single video.

You can make color and video quality correction on the video with the enhancement tools. If the footage have too much spaces around the main subject, you can use the crop tool to crop off these areas so that the people will immediately take notice of the main subject when they play the video.


You can use the scissor tool to split the videos where necessary and reassemble them in a different sequence. It allows you to create a short video out of a very long video that last for hours by clipping off the parts that are not so important. For example, you can use Movavi video editor to review a 10 hours long video and create a trailer that just last for 2 minutes.

You can make the video complete by inserting a narration or royalty free music track. You can put a small text watermark on all your videos to show that the videos are yours. If you need to import a lot of media files into the timeline, you can first group them together into a folder so that you can import them all at once by clicking on the Add Folder button. You can add an individual or bulk media files by dragging and dropping them into the timeline.

You can improve the mood of your video by adding visual effects and transition. As you play back the video, you can add or delete parts to make the video flow more smooth for conveying the message that you want to impart to your audience. You can also record yourself on the webcam on Movavi Video Editor. It can automatically detect any built in or plugged in webcam or microphone on your computer. It offers a desktop recording function that features a fully adjustable recording frame and control panel.