Give The 7 A Make-Over

Everybody wants to be noticed, but it’s hard to get the attention you deserve now that you’ve had the new iPhone for a month. The novelty of having the latest generation has worn off. It’s not even the most hyped-release anymore, now that Google has announced their new Androids, the Pixel and Pixel Plus. Now the 7 is just another black rectangle in a sea of black rectangles. You’ll need to do something if you expect to stand out from the crowd.

There are plenty of ways you can personalize your 7, but not all of them are practical. You can get a plastic case to cover your smartphone, or you can opt for a silicone coating to wrap around your iPhone. Both of these options can take on different looks to set your apart from the rest, but they come with enough disadvantages that make them unworthy of covering Apple’s tech. Cases bulk out any smartphone they cover, adding inches that the 7 does not need. Silicone covers pick up dirt, lint, and grime and aren’t fitted to provide tailored coverage.

When the covering ends up camouflaging Apple’s signature design or creates new problems, it’s not worth investing in — especially when there are vinyl wraps that solve the problem of individuality without compromising on the phone’s design. The latest wraps for your iPhone 7 are also known as decals or skins. They offer the same level of personalization as covers or coatings but without any of their drawbacks. They’re thin, easy additions to the 7, creating a tight fit that doesn’t add bulk.

That’s because they made to measure the exact dimension provided by Apple, following them down to the micro-millimeter. They add only a negligible 0.23 millimeters to overall size of the phone — a measurement that preserves the iPhone’s slender profile and makes it incredibly easy to hold in your hands. An iPhone 7 decal can be designed with your favorite finish in mind, and you can even keep the signature apple logo to make sure everyone around knows what you have.

This makeover comes with several perks that are absent from alternative products. The vinyl used in the best decals is surprisingly durable. It can take on sharp edges and rough surfaces and come out the victor, leaving the aluminum of the phone underneath free of scuffs, scrapes, and scratches. It also keeps the 7 free of smudges and fingerprints. A clean iPhone — especially if you have the notoriously grimy jet black finish — will be noteworthy enough. But one that’s fully protected and wrapped in a customized design will have you standing out for all of the right reasons.