Does it make sense Kindle Oasis so expensive? We review the evolution of Amazon readers

Kindle Oasis

I cannot consider me a heavy user of e-book readers, but I have spent a lot of content on the Kindle cheaper and I know for a fact that what it offers is very good for its price. It is a hallmark in the gadgets they do on Amazon. It seems clear that even in this niche need to know to offer different steps of quality and services, but the emergence of Kindle Oasis has created considerable controversy, not the product itself, rather its starting price.

When it comes to the cost of a thing, we can approach the amount thinking that it is a vital tool, and therefore it is justified to almost anything. But we can also compare what they already have in our catalog, and more importantly, what they offer other brands and products, and that is when the price of Oasis may seem absurd. In short, the price of things can become quite subjective.

We eight generations contemplating updates Kindle reader and we cannot deny that evolution has always been positive, adapting to what the market needed, while sticking a little jump at what competitors were placing on the market.

Kindle Oasis
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The reality in 2016 is that the market for electronic books is not massive, sell the device is not important for almost any brand that is dedicated to consumer electronics. We have more than five years and, lowering interest and benefits.

Guilt is good we could take to mobile devices such as phones and tablets, where you can read quite well, and we have already acquired. But the main thing can be in the life cycle of a Kindle, which still works perfectly as the years pass, and is not that new models will revolutionize the way to read content.

The best reader, for those who want to pay

Amazon keeps alive its catalog, readers can buy at a price three times lower than that of Oasis, but the American company decided it had to be a Kindle at the highest level, for which some would have no problem paying almost 300 dollars.

Well, the best reader would have to try and put it in comparison to the latest models of Kobo, but on paper there seems to be little doubt by design, quality, and technology, the Oasis is just that, an element that many seasoned readers know value.

Maybe not everyone has in mind what it costs, in its WiFi version, up to services other connectivity and place it alongside a new generation iPad mini, including LTE.

Whether it is worth the price, because you have to be a lover to read it and recognize that investment is going to cover the amount of years that will accompany. But the reality is that for much less have a big Kindle or Kobo great, and if you upload a little budget, you go to an Apple tablet, by choosing an expensive model and proven quality.

Comparing a Kindle Voyage – it is not cheap – the new Oasis, we find that there really is a big difference in the electronic ink technology used, even in the circuitry inside. We can justify – very little – the price increase with the reduction and relocation of modular components to make it thinner and also by the use of new materials in the housing.

Kindle Oasis draw the attention of that audience more loyal to the brand and its readers, those who have no problem paying more to bring the collection up, and for that want a dedicated device at the same time they want their gadgets represent them, they give them a touch of distinction.

Amazon declined to give figures on sales expectations, something will be. Yes is positive for this type of products that the brand technology evolves, the end of the day all the improvements will transport to cheaper models in successive generations.

Seven generations before reaching Oasis

Amazon Kindle was called the first, released in November 2007. Regarded as the iPod of readers, had a 6 – inch screen and the ability to connect to networks, there was no touch control, but a full keyboard and navigation buttons, in the United States started their adventure with a price of $ 399.

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The second generation knew as the Amazon Kindle 2, and arrived in February2009. A design far more care and same format screen keyboard. Obviously electronic ink technology was better: 16 levels of gray, fastest in its update. He started selling for 359 dollars, but was readily available at $ 100 less. It is important to remember that from his nation a much larger model, the Kindle DX.

The Amazon Kindle Keyboard appeared in July 2010, also known as Kindle 3. It featured a logical evolution: better screen and removing much of the controls to look for a more compact device. There was still no touch screen and the fact that WiFi connectivity available only gave a starting price of 189 dollars.

Kindle Touch came in September 2011. The fourth generation already knew what it was only with the name, and that we were beginning to have touch screen, allowing create a very compact gadget. We kept improving 6 – inch screen and prices were thrown on the floor: from $ 99, $ 149 for the 3G model.

The Kindle Paperwhite seems a recent gadget, but we must go back to September 2012 to meet for the first time. It was the first to add backlighting on the screen 6 inches, and was obviously improved touch. Just one year later came a Paperwhite 2 with better screen and better hardware. In June 2015 we received a third generation with a folding screen definition, with 300ppi. These models were up slightly compared to the price Touch, but we could tell they were on the same line.

As we watched as models came with backlight and touch screen, Amazon Kindlehad an update in 2014. The important thing here was to have a low starting price of $ 80 in the US, while an updated driver for the time product is offered. It was only available in WiFi version.

The refinement reached with Amazon Kindle Voyage, a preliminary step to what we would find in Oasis. Appeared in September 2014, we had a more compact model, also more technology, as the system adapts the brightness depending on conditions. We kept within 6 inches and the price rose to $ 220 (3G, 289 dollars).