Kindle Oasis: New design and screen for the best eBook reader

Kindle Oasis

Amazon just introduced a new Kindle and before you take the hands to the head by design, very different from what we were used, we warn that in fact, developments are more important inside, getting on paper, the best Kindle history and also the most expensive.

The Kindle Oasis opens brighter screen, a curious case with integrated battery and renews the design with a different and more convenient format for reading while its weight and size is reduced.

Kindle Oasis
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More ergonomics for reading

The new design deceiving at first glance, because the Kindle Oasis is a device smaller dimension, including thickness and weight. This eighth generation of the Kindle weighs only 131 grams, as a smartphone less than five inches, and has a thickness at its thinnest 3.4 mm.

However the most interesting design amending Kindle Oasis is one of the sides to improve grip while leading to that area the center of gravity. If we change hand, accelerometers detect this and alter the controls to change the way not manage it.

With the return of the physical buttons, control pages can be done with them or directly on the screen, although the non-symmetry of the design, physicists and we are sending a clear message about how best to catch the reader as we have oriented.

Brighter screen

The design is not the only relevant novelty of this Kindle Oasis. The new generation of lighting displays is released in the eighth generation and does so with resolution of 300 dpi, even more than the 9-10 inch tablets.

To achieve a thickness as small Amazon reader has also worked on the screen. The lighting system has been redesigned by adding 60% more LED lights to make the screen brighter and simultaneously support that light reading more evenly throughout the surface is distributed. It also includes a protective glass so that if we choose to take the Kindle unsheathed, resulting not damaged by the pressure or shock.

A sheath that reinforces an excellent battery

Something always sought in e-book readers is that the battery holds for weeks. It is the advantage of electronic ink in recent years has been the inclusion decompensated auxiliary light reading, not backlight.

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The Kindle Oasis boasts large battery autonomy and reduced size also reinforces the contribution of a sheath with book design and fits perfectly with the new reader. It has twelve magnets for safety but also easily removable and active and off the screen automatically.

This case includes an integrated battery system that activates the dual burden of the new Kindle, so that, when placed, the internal battery of the reader, if necessary, automatically recharges using the internal battery of the sheath. The burden of both devices (sheath and reader) is simultaneous when using the power adapter.

There is no doubt that Amazon has worked to improve its e-book reader (supporting magnificently with your store), but the news that has included the company’s impact considerably on the price of the equipment, which is placed in a range only suitable for intensive readers.

The new Kindle Oasis is now available so you can book but will not be shipped until a few weeks. Amazon did not specify a specific date.